Thursday, September 3, 2015

Farewell Summer Vacation.

It feels as if the last few weeks of summer slipped right through our fingertips.  One moment we were in full vacation picnics and swimming pools, and the next it's all back packs and school supplies.  In an instant our routines shifted.  No more late summer nights...they've been replaced with early bedtimes.  Part of this makes me sad.  I love the carefree nature of schedule free summers.  I love seeing the girls become each others best friends during these three months because they play together morning til night.  I like seeing them smile and laugh with no cares in the world.  After just the supply drop off at school, days before it actually began, I saw Ava withdraw.  It didn't last long, soon her happy smile came back, but for about an hour she closed up.  Guarding herself after being back at school.  These are the things that bum me out.  That and of course no longer having my girls to hang with.  Even if it's just running errands I like having them around.  I am not the mom who was high-fiving everyone on the first day of school cheering that they were back (Not that I'm judging...she's a single mom of four plus a student herself she deserves all the high-fives and cheers).  However, I know the change in routine is good.  The fresh start of the upcoming season is what we all need.  It can't all be freezer pop stands and lounging in the hammock.  In fact I know we need the change to catch our breath from trying to cram all things summer in.  There's no more concern of we need to go camp one more time, we need to take the paddleboard out on one last float, we need to squeeze in one more trip to the pool.  It's time to take a breath and enjoy September and the coming of fall.  To let the summer fun become memories and move on to the next.  I'm not quite ready to let it go.  I will miss...

Hikes to mountain lakes-

Of course we will hike throughout the winter.  Scramble up ice and snow covered trails in the cool fresh air.  But it is simply not the same as a summer hike with the sun beating on your shoulders and a hot puppy jumping in the cold lake at the end.  

Music in the Mountains and farmer's markets-

Our community comes alive in during the warm months.  There is no lack of things to do after work and since there are no such thing as bedtimes in the summer we can go without care.  Packing up dinner and heading to Big Sky to listen to live music became a Thursday night favorite.  Searching for ice cream and fresh veggies at the Farmer's Market another.  I love these things that only come around a few months of the year.  As the weather turns we will spend more time tucked inside our home.  I enjoy this coziness a ton, but will miss the long evenings spent outside as long as the sun was out. 

Ice cream, ice cream and more ice cream.

Summertime is a free pass when it comes to ice cream.  We made more trips than I can count to the new ice cream truck downtown.  Middle of the day, after dinner...anytime seemed like appropriate ice cream time.  And, because they have a flavor called Cup-o-Joe with Heath bits in it, I was all about it.  Yum.  

Wearing swimsuits all day-

If there's water involved, we are all in.  A good majority of our activities revolved around finding some way to get in the water.  One of my favorite weekends this summer was camping at our favorite lake...when swimsuits were worn for two full days.  The water is calming to me and makes our little fish so happy.  Throw in some mountains and we're golden. 

Now we shift.  We trade our flip flops for closed toed shoes.  We are here...

Third and fifth graders.  It will be Ava's last year at elementary school.  When did that happen?!  I swear I was just one of those crying kindergarten parents snapping photos while trying to conceal the tears under big sunglasses.  I always say it's bitter sweet...bitter because it goes all too fast and sweet because seeing them grow more independent each year is such a privilege.  I always feel a little lost the first couple days of this new routine.  I feel lonely on a run after a summer of having the girls with me on the trail.  I may be alone but I always have them with me...

Searching and adding heart rocks to the pile since they aren't there to do it with me.  

Farewell summer.  Thank you for another beautiful season.  I am filled with gratitude for the sunshine we got, the warm air, the time in the mountains.  

Welcome September...we're ready for ya.  


  1. My husband and I are huge outdoor enthusiasts and are thinking about moving to Montana. We've been looking at Bozeman area and I enjoy reading your blog to get a better taste for it! One question I have is where is that lake where there is a picture of one of your daughters and your golden retriever (i have an adventure Golden too!)It is SO beautiful!

    1. Montana is the best place if you love outdoor adventure! We were at Lava Lake for that photo which is between Bozeman and Big's about a 2.5 mile hike up to the lake and one of the most beautiful places!!