Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Catch-Up

This space has been quiet.  In between doing all things summer I've had some other writing commitments.  With the long days getting our girls to bed rarely happens before 9 so the energy to sit down and write after that just doesn't happen.  This is okay.  It's an ebb and flow and if I can't find time to document our memories right now it's because we are simply so busy making them.  Since we returned from Florida we have been in full-on, cram it all in, summer mode.  I love this.  In summers past I get a bit panicked...really filling up every second because I know around here summer is fleeting.  This year I didn't want to add stress to what is supposed to be the most carefree time so I made the conscious decision to really  take things one day at a time.  Stay focused on the present and do things that make us happy not things that we should be doing because it's summer.  I have found we do all the things we love just without me acting like a crazed event planner.  How we do summer around here...

Mid-Week Hikes with my Girls-

Last summer the girls and I got into the routine of taking a hike each week.  We never went far, just a nice mid-week hike when the trails were uncrowded, leaving big hikes for when Matt could join us.  I treasured these moments and am so grateful they are into it again.  The conversations on the trail are always easy.  There are no sister fights.  Seriously, none.  When we get to our destination their imaginations run wild and suddenly they are making fishing poles out of sticks and catching fish (rocks) and making shelters (bushes) because they are hikers who got stranded.  I don't fit into this play world, I get the luxury of being an observer of it.  If there is one thing they take from me as they grow into young women it's the importance of getting away from everything to find themselves.  Hiking and camping does this for me.  It may not be the same for them, but I hope they find what does.


One of my all time favorite summer activities is camping.  It's the simplicity of it all.  Knowing all we need for the weekend can fit in our car.  Cooking everything we eat over a fire we built with the wood we gathered.  Having no distraction and nothing to do other than hang out with each other, read books, explore, listen to Matt play his guitar, catch butterflies, play cards and create fairy gardens for the camping fairies.  To watch the stars as they fill the dark sky. To listen to the sound of the creek as it lulls you to sleep.  To wake up and make coffee over the fire which tastes just a little better because it took a half hour to brew.  Camping mornings are my favorite as the mountains wake up around you.   

And I can't leave out S'mores...

Carefree Summer Nights-
We are definitely more social in the summer.  Maybe because there is more going on.  Maybe because the nights are longer.  Maybe because the warm weather makes everyone want to get out rather than bunker down.  Whatever the case we see more of our friends and family and no matter what it always feels as if there is a sense of vacation in the air.  

It means late nights and tired days.  It means usual routines (like writing!) and bedtimes don't always happen.  We'll catch up with these things come fall.  

All Things Water-
Whether it's splashing in a creek, kayaking in a lake or cooling off in the backyard pool, my fish will find water and settle themselves in for hours of play.  

Oh sweet, sweet summer.  Cherries, watermelons and fresh garden veggies.  Sleeping with windows open.  Outdoor music events and weekly trips to the ice cream truck. After dinner bike rides, pink skies from sunsets and cold beers on the patio.  Backyard fires and throwing the paddleboard on the car.  There's one more month of summer.  One more month to soak it up.  We'll have no problem taking care of that.