Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Weekday Getaway.

On Monday things looked like this...

Today, on my run up the mountain things looked like this...

This is Montana for you.  April showers always come in the form of snow rather than rain. We deal with it.  This year it feels much easier because we basically had no winter.  I can totally handle this.  

Luckily the two most beautiful days of the week were the ones that Matt and I were out of town.  Monday morning we dropped the girls off at school and headed west three hours to my other favorite Montana town.  It wasn't for a birthday or anniversary celebration...simply an opportunity to leave the babes with grandma and get out of town together.  Once we pulled off the interstate we thought we'd take advantage of the gorgeous day and made our way up their popular hiking trail that overlooks the university.  Missoula does not have mountains like Bozeman does so it was more of a stroll up the hillside.  Regardless it felt good to get out, move around and feel the sunshine on our faces.

After, it was time to find a lunch spot.  Our only requirements were that it was on the sunny side of a street, there was outside seating and cold beer.  One of our favorite Irish pubs fit the bill and we sat down for a leisurely lunch watching all the good people out and about working on a Monday afternoon.  Something about taking a Monday off to goof off is pretty great.  Sometimes in the middle of the week on a nice day I'll notice people downtown dining outside and I feel a bit jealous.  I thought about this as we sat there so I could fully appreciate the moment.  

We strolled around a bit after that...basically just making our way to our favorite brewery.  It's nothing fancy...kind of a dive actually.  The way any good brewery should be.  In Bozeman all the of the breweries feel bar/restaurant like now and less about enjoying good beer on torn up bar stools with nonsense plastered all over the walls.  Thank goodness Missoula keeps it weird.  We took our torn up bar stools and sat near the open door where we parked ourselves for a couple hours.  Life is good.

That evening we headed out to hear the band that we actually had gone to Missoula for.  We were really only there for the opening act as he is one of Matt's favorites.  It was pretty perfect...seats right up front in a fairly intimate venue...good food...great music...and the bonus?  I ran into the singer near the restrooms, talked to him long enough that Matt came over and realized who it was.  We got to chat with him for awhile and Matt ended up with a t-shirt...I decided this all worked out so well that I'm calling it his birthday weekend.  I know it's not until June, but hey, nothing wrong with being early.  

The next morning we reluctantly made our way home.  I'm always sad to leave after some great one on one time with Matt.  Fortunately about half way back I get so excited to see the girls that I focus on that instead.  Missoula is always a good time.  I won't gush too much about the town because I recently submitted an article for Distinctly Montana about all the things I love there and it should be up on their website later this week...I don't want to be redundant.  

But honestly, you know it's a cool town when you see this walking down the path, headed to the river...

Love it.

Time to gear up for a busy few weeks.  April is our birthday month...Ava first up and then two weeks later it's Layla's turn.  We are busy in party planning mode.  I love birthdays.  

Happy snowy Thursday!

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