Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Break.

Today we wrap up Spring Break.  It wasn't a vacation to Mexico with friends like the days of college.  It wasn't a family trip to Florida like we've done in the past.  It was the girls, myself and whole lotta beautiful sunshine.  Over Spring Break, spring sprung...
Or would it be sprang?  Hmm.

Anywho.  Matt went to Michigan to visit family and because I had to work the girls and I stayed behind.  He did suggest taking the girls with him but the thought of a week without all of them literally broke my heart...I didn't think I could handle a full week without Matt and my girls.  Sure, a weekend to myself would have been blissful.  I could have easily filled my time with yoga classes, reading, writing and a quiet, clean house.  But, a week?  No way. So, he made his way on his own to the cold Midwest and left us to the lovely Bozeman weather.  We did just fine.  

We filled our days with hikes and strolls...

I can't quite remember a spring break here when the weather was this glorious.  Sunshine and warm air just begging for us to be outside.  Hinting at what is to come.  Longer hikes up big mountains, camping in the middle of nowhere and pulling the paddle board off the garage wall.  

We squeezed in cousin time, bike rides and picnics on the warmest of days and the museum and movies on the chilly ones...
(Man, I love this crew.)

And, someone lost her very first tooth...
It was quite entertaining.  Little miss was sleeping with me and, wait a minute, I'll let her tell, it's her story after all...

We slumber partied each night in my room.  I realized last time that all three of us sleeping in our bed was too much.  This time we took turns.  Much better for all.

We brunched with friends and I spent my evenings catching up on chick flicks.  I watched, for the first time, Love Story...quite possibly one of the saddest classics ever.  Spoiler alert...I didn't know she died...what the heck?  

Yes, our Spring Break was simple and lovely.  However, we missed Matt terribly.  Things are never quite the same around here when he's gone.  When the girls were babies and he would be gone for work I missed him because I needed him here to lighten the parenting load.  Now, the girls are easy and our days without homework, lunches and schedules are no problem.  Now, we just miss him.  I spent one afternoon accidentally wrapped up in my old journals from college.  The times of us falling in love, our stories and adventures.  I am so grateful to have documented those and for two hours I went back to being 20 - 23 years old and relived it.  The carefree days of being out of your parents home for the first time and no real responsibilities.  Yet everything seemed so very dramatic and stressful.  The school load mixed with working full time.  The navigating of new friendships.  The fighting and making up of an intense new relationship together...where one day we were friends and the next we were head over heels in love.  The searching for who you are and what you were going to do with your life.  I read my dramatic 20-something self and felt so happy to be in my late 30's.  Settled, content and no longer searching.  Instead feeling at peace and so very happy with my life.  Feeling no regrets for the paths taken and excited for what the future still has to bring.  Feeling happy to have found Matt so young and to have gone through the journey together.  Happy to have written it all down. Happy that I have chosen to continue with writing so I can one day look back at these memories I jot down and relive the moments.  With our family.  And I will smile as I did with my old journals.  Knowing what a happy life it has been. was hilarious finding the diaries of my early youth.   Reading to the girls about when I was 10 years old and all I wrote about was what jerks my sisters were and how I kissed a boy named Tim.  Yes, they got a kick out of those ones.  Even better was I tore out the few pages I had written on in all those diaries and gave the remainder to them.  To which they each promptly went to their rooms, and began their own diaries.  Complete with hiding them in their underwear drawers.  The tradition of documenting our history continues.  

Hope your weekend and your Spring Break was happy.  Enjoy the sunshine.  

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