Thursday, March 26, 2015

Happy Little Things.

Random little things that are making me smile today...

*Layla asking for piggy tails for the tenth day in a row.  She says she likes them because "piggy" is in them

*A day off.  I normally only work three days a week and I've been working extra these past couple of weeks.  I love my job, but love having a day off to get crap done.  To not have to put on makeup or nice clothes.  To get my hair colored because my daughters keep pointing out my grays.  

*A new playlist to run to.  I have recently gotten into Spotify rather than Pandora and the other day created my first playlist on it made specifically with songs I like to run to.  This morning when I woke up at 6 am I was unusually excited to throw on my running shoes and get out in the dark, cold morning.  I was sore from a yoga class the other night, but could have ran double what I usually do because of my new playlist.  Gotta love a mix of Prince, Mackelmore, and JJ Grey & Mofro.

*The next step in this parenting thing.  This week Ava's class had the puberty talk.  You remember the one...gym class, they separate the boys from the girls and everyone watches with a mixture of fascination and embarrassment.  I've already chatted with Ava about this because after my own lack of communication regarding these things from my childhood I want to be totally open with my girls.  Last night we continued the conversation and I love hearing her perspective on this whole growing up thing.  As much as I want to keep them my baby girls, seeing them grow up is pretty cool.  

*Looking forward to a night away.  I love having things to look forward to.  Whether it's an upcoming vacation, a weekend, a date night.  Something to get excited about.  This week Matt and I are going to Missoula for a concert.  This has many things to get excited about...time with my favorite guy, time in one of my favorite, weird towns, getting a break and of course having a Cold Smoke at my favorite brewery.  

*Seeing this...

I know with all the technology of today, print is going out of style.  But, I love magazines and get such a thrill seeing my writing in a publication.  It makes me feel like a real, legit writer.  Love it.  

*Spring.  Yes, I know I'm redundant when it comes to this.  But warm weather makes me ridiculously happy.  The grass is beginning to turn green.  There are talks of 70-degree weather.  We've been able to eat meals outside on our patio.  Spring is making its appearance all over and that means summer is right around the corner.  Even the snow storm from this past week can't bring me down.  Hello to my favorite time of year.  

Happy day my friends.  

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