Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Holding on til the Bitter End.

I see you Fall.  Trying to encroach in on our last couple of weeks of summer.  I feel the crispness in the air, the subtle change in the colors of the leaves and the freakin' pumpkin lattes popping up at Starbucks.  You even had the nerve to sprinkle snowflakes down last week.  Snow flakes!  That was a bold move to let them flutter down on a what should have been a perfectly nice summer day.  You almost got me going...falling for your moves...got me thinking about wearing cozy scarves and making veggie chili.  But then you went and took it too far with an early freeze and we had to take up our garden while it was still summer.  Well.  That just ticked me off.  Our summer bounty was half what it was last year because you just couldn't wait until it was officially your season.

This is NOT okay.  Do you see how GREEN those tomatoes are??  It quickly reminded me that I refuse to get caught up in the early fall nonsense even if baking pumpkin bread sounds perfectly delightful.  I refuse to make anything with our pumpkins until after September 23rd...the official arrival of Autumn.  The family keeps requesting some of my soup recipes...I quickly filled them...my refusal of baking with pumpkins extends to cooking any sort of soup, casserole or other such comfort food.  They can wait.  It was bad enough we had to pick everything.  We should have had a couple more weeks.

Fortunately after that cold snap things turned around.  Snow melted off the mountain tops and warm temperatures returned.  We got back to summer like things with weekend hikes and outdoor shenanigans...

Tonight we ventured to one of the last Farmer's Markets of the season.  It felt good.  Buying fresh veggies from people who didn't lose everything in the early freeze.  Knowing I could prolong buying vegetables at the grocery store a little longer.  Enjoying the market in a more peaceful way now that tourist season is over.  Soaking up every last minute we have of this final week of my favorite season. 

This is how I intent to spend these last few days.  Pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween decorations can patiently wait their turn.  Summer often gets a late start around here because winter always overstays his welcome...fall can't just be showing up early.  That's just not cool.  There's a time and a place and right now it's still time for shorts, flip-flops and warm sun kissing our cheeks.

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