Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter and Weekend Things.

We did some Easter celebrating this weekend...

Smashed right in between birthdays this year sat Easter, and it was a beautiful weekend for celebrating indeed.  

Things have felt busy.  I'm okay with busy, but sometimes it comes to a point where I feel overwhelmed by it.  Birthdays, parties, class celebrations, holidays, activities...I know it's bad when it's hard to schedule a dinner out with family or friends.  I try to keep our lives low-key, but sometimes it simply doesn't happen.  During these moments I have to remind myself to slow down, take it one day at a time and don't let it carry me away.  By Friday night I felt frazzled so tried my best to slow things down.  Family home, dying eggs.  

It has become a very independent thing for these girls.  No longer do they need us to assist.  All I need to do is boil the eggs and they go about their business of creating.  

Afterwards experiments were done with the extra dye...

To keep with slowing things down, we had a very simple at home date night that evening. My three favorite ingredients always make for a simple, delicious meal.  Tomato.  Basil. Mozzarella.  It's all ya need.

Add a Gorgonzola, pear, pecan salad with creamy balsamic and date night done.  There are nights I feel like going all out and making an elaborate meal and there are nights when simple is best.  Both have their place.  Both are good.

Saturday was spent at our first basketball tournament.  Ava has been playing on an intramural team with a friend and they entered a three on three tournament.  It was such fun to see my girl out on the court.  We officially named our gentle girl the Gandhi of basketball.  Never getting aggressive, happy to turn the ball over to the other team.  Happy and all smiles to be playing and taking the opportunity to toss a few shots, but in her own laid back way.  I quite enjoyed seeing this.

There is a place for every type of player on a team.  The one who goes after it with all their might.  The one who plays hard and aggressive.  The one who makes all the shots.  And the one who hangs back, finding opportunity present itself.  The one having a good time.  I quite like that our Ava is the gentle one.  And I love this low-key opportunity we had into the introduction of basketball.  A coach who treats them all like he does his own daughters, doesn't care that they lost all their games.  Had Ava been on a more formal, serious team her outlook on basketball may have been different.  At 9 years old, I find this laid back approach to be more appropriate.  

The next day we woke up to notes from the Easter bunny...

That feisty bunny made a mess of the carrots laid out for him.  But, he did leave us some magic beans to plant and lots of eggs to find.  

Montana delivered us a lovely spring morning and we had a pleasant hunt outside as well. We always hide the dyed eggs outside and there have been years they have searched in snow.  This year it was flip flops in grass beginning to turn green.

Sometimes you miss what is right in front of you.  Notice the pink egg in the lower left corner...

Easter is a fun, easy holiday to me.  None of the big hoopla of Christmas.  Focused on family, friends and kid type things like dyeing eggs, candy and egg hunts.  We filled our day with a quiet morning at home, brunch with friends and dinner with family.  Pretty perfect in my book.  The evening egg hunt with cousins got to be outside also....

Added to the fun of this hunt was my 3 year old nephew continuing to tell his cousins "That rabbit can be tricky.  He's sneaky hiding the eggs".  Love him.  

I feel so grateful for the beautiful weekend and holiday we had.  It may have started with me feeling frazzled from a busy week and there certainly was no lack of activity throughout the weekend, but it ended with a feeling of calm and contentment.

Happy Easter.  

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