Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring Break.

Our spring break has not gone as planned.  We have had a sick house.  It started in the middle of the night Saturday and is still going strong.  No one has been spared, no one has been sleeping well.  The sun is shining outside and we've tried to get out and enjoy it, but for the most part have been stuck inside.  Ava's came and went quickly and she's been trying hard to entertain herself while little sister can't seem to get better.  

As much as it bums me out to be spending their spring break cooped up inside I am grateful they are off of school.  It saves me from the morning dilemma of...send them to school or keep them home?  And if I send them feeling guilty for doing so and if I keep them home, wondering if they really are that sick.  I am also grateful because Matt took some days off this week to stay with them so I could still work.  If my babies are gonna be sick there is no one I'd rather be with them.  We've had a healthy year so far, but this week is kicking our butt.  I really hope we are at the end of it.  

In between sick and trying to squeeze in some fun, it's been a good week.  When you're all home, things slow down.  A lot of movies got watched and I have am officially over horse films.  I'm pretty sure I could write my own.  Teen girl loses one or both her parents and goes to live with a long lost relative on a ranch in Wyoming.  There she befriends the "wild" horse of the farm.  They speak each others language.  Some drama happens where the horse may be taken away...the girl and the neighbor boy, who have become close despite their differences, fight together to keep the horse.  The girl and the long lost relative find out they have much in common and also bond over this wild horse.  The horse is saved, the girl kisses the boy and rides off in hillside on the horse and lives happily ever after.  Did I get it right?  No wonder Ava wants to live on a ranch in Wyoming.  

Some of the good from a sick spring break.

-Writing opportunities.
I have another article up at Distinctly Montana.  Every time I see one on there, I get excited.  I also heard this week about another publication that is going to post one of my articles and I can't wait.  More on that to come later this month.  For now you can check out the one on Distinctly Montana here.  The cheerleader in me is doing a toe touch and spirit fingers over this.  

Being home, means more opportunity for cooking for me.  Things like a Lebanese feast...

Much to Matt's delight the girls weren't up to eating much of this so he didn't have to share.  

And, homemade pasta...

I have yet to actually cook the noodles because nobody has felt like eating real food, but when everyone is up to it we'll be having some spaghetti.  Cooking soothes me so when I'm worried about my babes not feeling well, or just feeling over taking care of everyone it is my distraction.

-Making leprechaun houses and a snowman family...

The girls are all about leprechauns and each St. Patrick's Day they attempt to catch one.  However, each year the feisty green guy escapes with the chocolate they leave for him and mess up the house.  Silly leprechauns. 

The snow storm brought the best snowman making snow.  We didn't stop at one, we made a whole family.  Layla bailed on us pretty early on so Ava and I finished them up, complete with summer hats.  They didn't last long, the warm sun quickly melted our little family.  

-A snow covered valley...

Sister told me she's sick of hearing me complain about the winter weather, so here's some love.  We woke Tuesday morning to a thick blanket of snow covering our valley.  I went out early to attempt a run which quickly turned into a walk in the deep snow.  The sky had a pink tint, snow everywhere and the air extra quiet from the cold.  It was beautiful.  The quiet is different on a morning like this...calmer somehow.  

The end of spring break is drawing near and with it hopefully the end of a sick family.  Usually I don't want it to end, but this year I'm ready to get back into something normal.  

Happy's going to be a beautiful day around here.  

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