Sunday, March 30, 2014

Happy Weekend.

I sat down this evening to write another article for Distinctly Montana.  I hit a bit of writers block.  I would start, then delete.  Start again...a couple paragraphs in, delete.  It wasn't working.  I give up for now.  Instead I'll write what I know will flow.  Short, sweet and happy moments from the weekend. 

This weekend there has been a lot of this...

As you can imagine, this does not please me in the least.  I wish I didn't get so grouchy about the weather.  I wish I didn't complain so much about it.  I wish I didn't feel compelled to write about it.  But, I'm sorry I can't seem to stop.  I'm simply one of those people whose mood is affected by the weather.  This explains why I didn't live in Portland long.  It explains why this time of year if  when the weather is crappy, Matt treads lightly around me for fear of angering the beast.  I can't help it that I NEED sunshine!!!  Okay, fine I'll stop.  At least for this post.  

Because there was a bit of sun interspersed with the crap snow.  We took full advantage.

The weekend was kicked off with play dates for the girls.  Four giggling, happy girls out of school for the weekend.  I love how full of life and energy they are when all together.  It makes me smile.  Blossoming friendships.  

The play date was a sign of the weekend to come...full of social activity.  Birthday parties with friends, birthday party with family and dinner guests one evening...I need a day to recover from it all.  I'm not complaining, full weekends like this make me realize how many great people we have in our lives.  I feel grateful for each of them, the conversations we have, the laughs we share.  We did manage to sneak in a Sunday morning with only our family of four.  A lazy stay-in bed morning watching cartoons, church, lunch downtown and a trip to the planetarium show.

Family time.  Moments I hold close to my heart.  Small memories that will fade, but not the enjoyment of being together.  

Weekends are the best.  Whether they are very full or totally low-key, they rejuvenate me for the week to come.  

That is all.  I told you it would be short and sweet.  Matt mentioned after reading my article over on mamalode, that people may have liked it because it wasn't as long.  As he said "someimes people don't like to read that much".  I think that was his way of nicely saying I tend to get a bit wordy.  

Hope your weekend was awesome.

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