Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Happy Blogiversary.

You remember the happy dance I was talking about in my last post?  The one that was caused by the always wonderful first day of spring?  Well, tonight I have more happy dancing...in fact this one is more like a cheerleader happy dance.  This means more enthusiasm with kicks and toe touches.  It is happening because I got the amazing opportunity to have an article posted in one of my favorite magazines...
Mamalode is a magazine and website written by mama's.  I love the stories I read in it.  I often read them online because I haven't found them distributed here in Bozeman, but anytime I'm in Missoula I make sure to pick one up and admire the beautiful photography.  Because I am so impressed by this publication, I was so proud to be a part of it.  I'm happy I persisted through a couple rejections from them before getting a "YES!  We want to include your article."   It went live yesterday and that is where the cheesy, cheerleader happy dance began.  If you haven't read it, you can check it out here.  

It has been two years since I adventured into this blog world.  Inspired by a couple others I got hooked on.  Having always enjoyed writing, I thought what better time to start a blog.  Something for the memory books, moments from the girls childhood that we can all look back on and remember.  I started simply writing, but not posting anything.  Still unsure of the blog world.  And, then I thought I'd go for it...see if I liked putting it out there.  If I changed how I wrote if I knew people were reading.  I found I liked the creative process of doing it as a blog rather than writing only for me.  I stretched myself further to put the stories of our lives together.  Over the past couple of years I have gone back and forth on keeping it up and feel like I found a comfortable place in the blog world.  The other writing opportunities I have found with Distinctly MT and mamalode are icing on the cake.  So...2 years, 170 blog posts and 5 articles later...happy blogiversary.  

A couple things for the memory book from our weekend.  It was quiet and low key.  And with birthday month beginning in April around here, it was perfect.  It was a chilly first weekend of spring, but darn it we wanted to play outside.  And so we did.

They are Montana girls, so if there is no snow on the ground that means we can head to a park.  Even if we don't stay very long.  

And I had a rare night out with my BFF.  We squeezed in a hour and a half between my husband getting home from work and her husband going to work.  That was enough time to share a basket of fries and a couple of beers and catch up quick just the two of us.  We hang out with our families often, but a hour of one-on-one was a nice treat.

For those who have read and shared my article from mamalode...thank you for the support and all the kind words.  They really mean a lot to me.

Happy day to ya.  

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