Thursday, March 6, 2014

Growing Girls, Super Heros and Spring Happiness.

It has begun.

Last night we were finishing dinner and my phone rang.  It wasn't for me.  It was for Miss Ava.  As I handed her the phone her face turned pink, also unsure of this new thing.  We told her she could leave the room if she didn't want all of us to hear her conversation and she happily left the room with a giggly "hello" into the phone.  Matt and I exchanged glances and it said so much.  Here we are...our baby girl getting phone calls from friends.  Knowing it won't be long before it's boys calling.  Yikes.

Thank goodness for now it was a girl and I assumed it was for trying to arrange a play date.  After a few minutes Ava returned and I asked if they had planned something.  "No." She answered.  "What did you guys talk about?" asked Matt.  "Oh, nothing, just stuff" was her reply.  This time the glance Matt and I exchanged said much more...something like What the...?  Resisting the urge to pry we let it go.  This doesn't mean I wasn't disappointed to not be privy to the conversation.  About an hour later I was rewarded for staying cool because Ava asked if I wanted to know what they were talking about.  Casually I said..."sure, if ya want to tell me."  Inside thinking "Hell YES I want to know!!"  Ava goes on to say how this particular friend was feeling left out at last recess and was feeling sad.  Ava said she apologized to her and that was that.  I could see she was disappointed the phone call was not to arrange a play date but something harder.  She shrugged it off and we continued getting ready for bed.  I had some time to think about it and as I tucked her in, we continued the conversation.  Me wanting her to know that she was such a kind girl and I know she would never hurt someones feelings intentionally.  Wanting her to know that trying to include this friend and saying sorry was good.  Making sure she knew if she did those things, then she shouldn't feel bad.  We all have different sensitivity levels and we have learned this friends is a little higher.  Honestly, I don't believe Ava would intentionally hurt someones feelings...she gets sad when we see a wounded butterfly.  As the conversation continued she began opening up about other kids in her class...girls full of drama that everyone likes, but who always get in trouble.  It was interesting, this far into the school year, to hear her talking about these things.  I tried to listen and offer my opinions lightly.  I know these early conversations may only be about playground drama, but want to handle them carefully so they will continue as we go into the tween and teen years.  Not wanting to say the wrong thing and have her close up.  I do believe listening is the key to this, which can be tough for me.  I tend to be a talker.  Having strong opinions about what I think could make things better.  I am happy I am aware of this in hopes I can improve.  In the end I tucked my girl in with kisses and reminders of how awesome I think she is.  Sometimes I rush through bedtime.  Anxious to call it a day and relax.  I am going to try to slow these down...take the opportunities for quiet, bed time chats at the end of the day.  

And then there is Layla.

She must have realized how much more time Ava got at bedtime, so she called me into her room.  She was sitting up smiling and said she wanted to tell me two things.  1.  I want  you to show Daddy my Dr. Seuss hat I made at school...

2.  I burped and felt it in my nose.  

Apparently 6 year old bedtime conversations vary greatly from 8 year old ones.  

Today was Super Hero Walk to School Day for the girls.  I tried to think of super hero ideas for them, since we aren't much into Batman and Spider man.  I encouraged princesses or fairies who I believe can be super heros.  They didn't go for it.  Ava said "I'll just be Super Ava hero".  Layla followed suit as Super Hero Layla.  Love this.  It's always best to be your own super hero.  And with that we grabbed our invisible capes and our super hero dog and we were off through the enchanted forest to school...

This week has been fantastic.  The freeze out of last week is gone and the rise in temperatures has equalled a rise in spirits.  We needed this.  Warmer temperatures and melting snow.  Grass peaking out from beneath...

Next it will be tulips and daisy's making an appearance and I might just do a twirl in the air.  I got a text from sister saying she has robins in her backyard.  Robins!  Yes, spring is on it's way.  And this pleases me very much.

One more day of school for the girls and then it is spring break.  Hallelujah!  We may not be getting on a plane to Florida like we should be, but we still get a break.  No school, no homework, no packing freakin lunches.  For one week.  I can't wait.

Happy Thursday to ya!

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  1. Yeah! I always think spring as soon as I see a Robin from growing up in Bozeman - even in FL I thought that which was silly but makes me SO happy! :)