Sunday, February 9, 2014

Short, Sweet and Happy.

After a week of frigid cold, we finally got to get outdoors today...

Saturday we attempted it, but it was short lived.  The kids didn't get one recess all week at school because it couldn't seem to warm up past zero.  Add to that the extra kids in our house all cooped up and you get a bit of crazy.  When I saw it was 9-degrees on my phone Saturday I declared it officially time to bundle up and get outside.  It was cold.  But, it was necessary.  We all had so much energy to burn and I was officially beginning to lose it.  None of us lasted long, but it was worth it.  

Today we actually got to go out because we wanted to.  After the freeze out, 20-degrees today felt balmy.  The sun was shining and the snow was fresh and fluffy.  It's funny how just getting out of the stale inside air and feeling the sun on your face can change your whole perspective.  Nice way to wrap up a weekend.

Before we hit the sledding hill we received good news.  Sisters coming home tomorrow.  That's right...tomorrow.  It seems really crazy to me that she was able to walk out of the hospital 48-hours after brain surgery, let alone be ready to come home.  I'm trying to believe this is because like most things, she's being an over-achiever and rocked brain surgery so well they are letting her go.  I think I would feel better if she was under a doctors care for a few more days, but I guess you have to trust they know what they are doing.  Thursday was a really long day.  It wasn't until the evening when we finally heard from my mom that they had gotten to see her.  She was awake, knew who everyone was and the docs were happy with how it went.  Best news ever.  This morning I got to see for myself when the kids face-timed her.  Funny side bar...we had just finished face-timing Matt's parents in Florida when we hung up with them, Kim turned to me and said "Can we please Twitter mama now?"  Crack me up.  We did not "twitter" her, but we did in fact call her and get to see her.  That is when we got the news they changed their tickets and are heading home.  As much as I wish she would stay a little longer to be near the hospital there, I'm really looking forward to giving her a big ole squeeze.  

After an emotional week and full weekend, I'm going to keep this short and sweet.  Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers and good vibes for my sister and her family, apparently they worked.  Although, I'm a bit bummed our cousin sleepover is going to be cut always feels sadly quiet after they leave.  

A little spring to end this snowy, cold weekend...
I know it will be awhile before we see the first signs of tulips popping up from the snowy ground so for now these will have to do.  

Happy week to ya.  

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