Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Make Believe and Growing Up.

We have started a "fairy" thing at our house that doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon.  I can't quite remember where it began, but the girls now set up fairy notes and treats in hopes that they will be visited in the night.  I think it is happening because they are both losing teeth at an abnormally slow pace.  Ava, almost 9 years old has lost only 3 and Layla none.  They must somehow know they aren't going to get all the tooth fairy years they deserve so are making up with other fairies, like the horse and pig fairy which are being summoned often.  One random day last year I remember Ava wondering if there was a horse fairy.  Probably stemming from one of the many fairy books we read where there is every kind of fairy you can imagine...the rainbow fairies, party fairies, dance fairies and of course animal fairies.  She wrote a very sweet note and I felt compelled to indulge in this and the "fairy" wrote a letter back telling her who Helen the horse fairy was.  Ava was so excited and I thought we were done.  Oh no we weren't.  A few months later, she was writing another note to yet again tell Ms. Helen how badly she wanted to own a horse because she loved them so.  Luckily this fairy is reasonable and hasn't brought her a horse...just sparkles and treats and words of encouragement that if she keeps dreaming one day (aka, when you don't live at home) you can own a horse.  It didn't take long for Layla to jump on this band wagon.  

Enter, Patsy the pig fairy.  

Yes.  Now we have two fairies who make random appearances to our house.  Normally, I'm all about this land of make believe.  However...most recently notes were left for these fairies on a Monday night.  I think fairies should have Mondays off because they tend to be especially tired on those evenings.  But the girls put so much time into making them little bits of food and notes with questions and they leave them gifts.  How can a fairy resist?  I do believe the girls were less impressed this time when the fairies only left notes.  They must not have had time on a busy Monday night to make it to World Market for a gift from fairy world.  I continue to indulge in this for a couple reasons.  First...because I also feel bad they haven't got the full tooth fairy experience because of their apparently glued in baby teeth.  Second...I think it is going to be absolutely hilarious when they are grown up to remind them of their belief in Helen the Horse Fairy and Patsy the Pig Fairy flying into their rooms eating the grass and slop they leave for them on their night stands.  Telling them how I fed the dog the smashed up crackers.  I know we are on the down hill slope of the make believe years and I plan to soak it as long as I can.

The realization that my babies are growing up hits me at weird moments and I've felt it a few times these past couple of weeks.  It's little things.  Things like noticing the bathroom stool has been pushed to the side of the room and no one is using it.  Layla would rather stand on her tip toes to spit out her toothpaste than use the stool.  At first I thought it had just been pushed to the side for one night, but it hasn't moved now for several.  I can't bring myself to take it out of the bathroom yet.  I sort of need them to still be small enough to want to use it.  I can justify this because I still have baby nephews who need a stool in there when they are over.  Thank goodness for that.  

I had another realization of how big theys seem when I found myself not knowing what to buy a toddler.  I was at the store trying to buy a birthday gift for our three year old friend.  I stood in the toy store trying hard to remember what my girls played with at three.  Did they like finger painting then?  Was a stamp set too grown up at that age?  I actually found myself asking the mom standing next to me with a two and a half year old if she thought what I had picked up was appropriate? I felt crazy because 3 wasn't that long ago, but the memory seems to have faded.  How could I not know what that age played with when I was immersed in it for so many years?  When did we go from toddlerhood to school age??  How are we closer to tween years than that now?  It is crazy.  

Okay...I gotta stop before I get all mushy about my babes growing up.  Because they are pretty awesome right where they are.  I mean, can you resist this face...

Giant marshmallows after playing in the snow with cousins.  I most certainly am sick of winter, but for these kids I think it could go on and on.  Deep, drifted snow that has been melting and re-frozen from our up and down weather equals perfect fort and tunnel making.

It was a three day weekend for the us.  We did it up in my favorite way.  Part of it very full, balanced with a couple of low key, do nothing days.  Saturday we took our girls to the winter fair here in town.  It was the first time we've gone to something like this.  I forget sometimes to take advantage of these things while our girls our young.  Having grown up here, occasionally it feels too "Montana" too me.  And, then I remember we live in Bozeman and things that could seem a bit hokey in any other Montana town are perfectly balanced here with a mix of cowboys and hipsters.  Whatever it is my girls were in heaven both seeing their beloved animals...horses and pigs.

It is beyond me where these girls get their love of farm animals.  All I know is if it was up to them we would have come home with a piglet.  And a horse.  And probably a chicken. And, don't get me started on the rabbit races.  Layla and I stumbled upon this when we walked into one of the buildings to sneak out of the rain.  We walk in and see a mini track set up and sure enough there were bunny rabbits racing.  I have never seen anything like it, but within five minutes we were hooked.  Found a seat in the stands, cheering on these sweet 4-H girls and their rabbits to jump the highest and hop the fastest.  Only in Montana I tell ya.  The next two days were spent inside.  Slow mornings, pj's on until far later than necessary.  Calm.  Family time.  Feeling grateful.  I do believe three day weekends should be the norm rather than the exception.

A long weekend means a short week and I am happy another weekend is only a hop, skip and a jump away.  Now if only spring was that soon.  I can't even get started on how over winter I am.  In fact I think I'll end before I go there.

Happy Thursday.  

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