Sunday, November 17, 2013


Why is it that weekends are so awesome?  Even when they are filled with a bunch of nothing special.  There is something about the weekend vibe that makes it awesome no matter what's going on.  It begins Friday around 5 and continues until I wake up Monday morning.  And even if I try really, really hard, that vibe cannot continue into the week.  I wish I could bottle it up and pour some in my coffee Monday morning to kick start the week.  I suppose if that was the case you wouldn't realize how awesome the weekends were and you would begin to take them for granted.  This is the same logic I tell myself about living in a cold climate...if we lived someplace warm we would take the beautiful weather for granted.  And, we really appreciate our summers here in Montana after a long winter...blah, blah, blah.  As if I would ever get sick of warm weather.  Or weekends.

Our weeks are very full.  We are in the time of our lives with busy kids.  Full days, homework, sports, dance all smashed into a day with work and everyday household stuff. It's a different phase then when the girls were young and the days were tiring, but felt much more carefree.  I like this place we are at.  Even if it feels crazy at times I like running the girls from school to dance, or getting home to get homework done.  I always knew this was part of the parenthood thing and I know one day I will miss this part very much.  Catching little glimpses of my girls trying new things...

Little sister watching big sis at basketball practice.  She must have looked on long enough because the coach invited her in to join them.  With a big smile and cowgirl boots she ran out and grabbed a ball.  Yes, I enjoy this phase of our lives very much.

Even though I like all the chaos of our weeks it is the pace of it that makes weekends so needed.  Everything slows down.  Schedules get thrown out the window, there is no homework, there are no tired parents from a long day of work and the tone is carefree yet again.  

Some weekend awesomeness-

A Chilly Morning Run...

Because it is dark in the mornings this time of year I find it harder to get a run in during the week.  I scramble to find a time that works to squeeze it in, but on a Saturday a morning run is a guarantee for me.  And, it is always the best one of the week because I'm immersed in the above mentioned weekend vibe.  Because I don't get my runs in as regularly during the week right now I get to the point where I physically and mentally need to get out.  It is so much a part of me that if I miss it, something feels off.  It clears my head like nothing else can.  It is the truly selfish thing I do.  There is no distraction.  It is simple.  No one needs me.  Running shoes on, headphones and nothing more to think of except which trail I want to take.  On days I feel tired, I push myself and feel strong.  I look up at the mountains and feel very small in this world.  I always end feeling better than I did before I began.  I even really dig running in the cold.  The crisp air is very refreshing and I find I don't tire as easy as I do when running in the heat.  Yep, it's awesome.   


There is still a ridiculous amount of Halloween candy at our house.  I've thrown some of it out, took some to work, sent my nephew home with a few, and yet we still have a bowlful.  While browsing Pinterest the other day I found "80 recipes for Halloween Candy".  Jackpot.  This was just what I needed.  I didn't want to go crazy with candy in a dessert because when we added a bunch to our oreo pie a couple weeks ago Matt called it carnival food.  I came across something called Snickery-doodles.  I was intrigued.  They only called for Snickers and are a take on snickerdoodles which are a childhood favorite of mine.  They taste great and I finally was able to trade the giant candy bowl for a smaller one.  The Halloween candy should all be gone in a few weeks, just in time to be replaced with candy canes.  

Birthday Parties...

The one obligation we had this weekend was a birthday party for Ava.  She was so excited to get the invitation and even more when she found out it was an ice skating party.  It took me awhile to figure out the school-age-birthday-party thing.  When Ava was in kindergarten she began getting invites every other weekend for birthday parties.  I didn't understand because she didn't even know these had barely started.  As a kid I don't remember going to birthday parties, except family ones, until I was much older.  My own kids parties at this point had always been just family and family friends and with as many cousins as they have it was quite a party as is.  Because of all this, I ignored most of these invites for her.  I see now this may have been a mistake.  Come first and second grade the birthday party invitations dwindled.  This may not have seemed like a big deal until Layla started kindergarten and her round of invites began.  Layla, being more outgoing and vocal, insisted on her desires to go to these parties.  As it is with second children I felt more comfortable letting her go.  Although Ava never said it, I think it was hard for her to see her sister getting to go to all these fun parties.  Third grade is proving to be a great year for Ava in the friends department as she is finding her groove with a few girls in her class.  I can see this helping her come out of her shell.  I was so happy to drop her off with a bunch of giggling girls for a party, presents and cupcakes.  

Now it is Sunday evening and the weekend is wrapping up.  I will soak up the last couple of hours of the weekend vibe and then go to sleep.  I will wake up Monday morning feeling a bit bummed that it is over.  And then I will streeeeetch out, get up and get ready for another busy week that always leads to another weekend of awesomeness.  

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