Monday, October 21, 2013

Weekend Things. From Here to Missoula.

It has been a whirlwind couple of days and I write with heavy eyes this evening.  Mostly from a serious lack of sleep last night.  However, I still felt the desire to write so I'm pushing through.  Our weekend was divided into two total family day with our girls and one day out of town just Matt and I.  Both parts awesome in their own way.   

I begin with our family day.  It started with no plans beyond pancakes for breakfast.  We ventured to the Museum because Matt needed to go there for a class project.  It was a little too nice of a day to be inside the museum, so we made sure to spend as much time out as in.
Because we were up by campus we decided to take a stroll down memory lane.  We showed the girls the dorm where we first met, the different buildings we had classes in, strolled the SUB and of course fed the very feisty ducks...

Hours later we finally came home.  The day was close to over but we still had things to do.  Pumpkins to be carved and such.  The girls quickly got to work.
I do believe they enjoy the cleaning out part better than the actual carving of the pumpkins.  Each year they get a little more self sufficient with the carving.  We ended up with a couple scary pumpkins and a couple funny ones.  They all look pretty great sitting on the front porch saying "Happy Halloween" to anyone who will listen.

And then came part two of the weekend.  This one only involved my favorite guy...
There was a band Matt loves playing in Missoula.  Not wanting to miss this opportunity we kissed our babies good bye, left them with Grandma and headed west to one of our favorite cities.  We were there less than 24 hours so it was a quick trip, but it was such fun.  First things first, we stopped at Kettlehouse for some "lunch".

Missoula is so pretty in the fall.  They have far more maple trees than we have here in Bozeman so the colors were spectacular.  The day couldn't have been nicer for walking around and soaking it up.  Then it was time for an early dinner, drinks with friends and off to the main event.  

The Avett Brothers.

I did not have high expectations for the show because I am not as familiar with this band as Matt.  I was totally blown away by them.  It was quite a performance.  Their passion and talent was so evident and they may be one of my new favorite bands.  They are sort of an undiscovered Mumford & Sons with a bit more edge and rock.  It was pretty amazing.  If you've never heard their music I highly recommend checking them out.  

I could have watched them all night, but like all great things it came to an end.  However, we did not call it a night there.  It may have been a Sunday but we had no babies to get home to so we ended up in one of Missoula's lovely dive bars until the very late hours of the evening and even a bit into Monday.  

This morning we had to head back to Bozeman and back into real life things such as grocery shopping, picking up girls from school and rushing to tap class.  It's always so refreshing to step out of real life once in awhile.  I love the balance of it.  A night away with Matt to be carefree and silly and laugh a lot and then come right back to my girls who we missed the whole time.  We are very lucky indeed.  

Now it is officially bed time.  Sweet dreams.  

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