Sunday, October 6, 2013

I Heart Weekends.

One afternoon last week I was walking to pick up the girls, soaking up the glorious fall colors...

Smiling and enjoying the crispness in the air underneath the bright blue sky.  The very next morning we woke up to this...

Yea, I was so not happy about this.  I spend a lot of time gushing about the lovely city we live in, but on a day like this I question why the heck we live in Montana.  There are others in the the country waking up to sunny warm skies...we don't have to live in these conditions...there doesn't have to be snow in October.  I think all these thoughts in a very over-dramatic manner.  Much like a toddler throwing a tantrum.  It's not reasonable and it is certainly not going to change anything, but I can't help myself...a tantrum was thrown.  

Luckily, the snow didn't stick around long.  By the weekend the sun returned I went back about enjoying the wonderful fall weather.  I'm good now until the next snow storm.

After being out of town last weekend, it was so great to spend this weekend home with the family.  It was one of those perfect weekends blending time with Matt, the girls and friends.  There was the right mix of getting out and doing things and doing nothing at all.  It was rejuvenating after a vacation.  Coming back from Chicago I was freshly inspired on the cooking front.  Our last night there we ate at a cool restaurant that featured mainly cheese and wine...totally my kind of place.  I wanted to re-create it for date night with Matt because it was a place I knew he would have loved also.  I set up a nice cheese spread with homemade bread and tried my first attempt at crab cakes...they turned out pretty good if I do say so myself.

I also made some collard greens with a spicy vinegar, another new food I haven't cooked with before.  It was all delish.  Because it was my first attempt at crab cakes I followed a recipe I found here.  The only thing I changed was I added some finely diced jalepenos and red onion.  The sauce I made for dipping was a mix of sour cream, tarter sauce, garlic chili sauce and some fresh parsley.  Awesome date night, especially after having missed it last weekend.  Good food, a nice bottle of wine and hours of catching up.  

Saturday morning we met up with our friends to show some school spirit for the MSU Homecoming Parade.  It was a chilly morning, but it didn't take long for the sunshine to warm us up.

I always love the homecoming parade.  So many from the community show up for's a sea of blue and gold.  Everyone in good spirits, cheering on our Bobcats.  Maybe it's the cheerleader in just makes me happy.  And when the marching band goes by I always get goosebumps.

Instead of heading up to tailgate after the parade we strolled downtown with friends for lunch.  Times have changed...tailgating and football games don't really happen for us anymore.  I'm cool with this...I find football a bit boring.  A leisurely lunch with friends is way better.  (Sorry Kori...not sure where you got your football fan genes from?!)

The fun didn't stop there for Saturday.  Later that afternoon I got to do Bowl for Kids Sake with some ladies from our office.  Matching t-shirts, cosmic bowling, cheap beer and a lotta laughs.  All of this and it's for a great cause.  Win-win.  

It's a really good thing you don't actually have to be good at it to participate because it turns out I'm a really crappy bowler.

But, there were jello shots!

Seriously haven't had a jello shot since I was in college.  Needless to say it was a fun evening.  

Sunday was a total family day.  The weather was perfect.  We decided to take advantage with a walk on the nature trail.  The girls ran ahead, running through leaves, feeding Cheerios to the ducks and scrambling up the climbing rock at the end of the trail.

Days like these are absolutely priceless to me.  Simple days with no plans and just being together.  These are moments I hold close to my heart, ones I will reflect back on years from now.  They are the times I look up, close my eyes, feel the sun on my face and feel very, very lucky.

Hopefully the snow will stay away for a few more weeks and we can continue with these beautiful fall days.  You just never know around here.

Happy week to ya.  

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