Sunday, August 11, 2013

Memories. A Quick Weekend in Review.

I feel a bit like a rerun writing lately.  Our summer is getting repetitive with various types of playing in water, hiking, camping or our new family favorite of paddle boarding.

These are repetitive things I never get sick of, but may not be the most interesting topic for reading.  However, when I began this blog one part of it was as a memory keeper for my girls to read one day and be reminded of their childhood.  Our memories are a funny thing.  Details and moments get forgotten but something about them sticks with you and shapes you.  Earlier this summer I was sitting around a camp fire with my dad and we were reminiscing about camping trips from my own childhood.  He was asking about a particular incident that I had zero recollection of no matter how hard I racked my brain for a trace of the memory.  I made the comment of how parents do all these things with their kids in hopes of making wonderful childhood memories for them and yet so many get forgotten.  My wise old dad replied..."But, some form of the memory stays with you.  Those times instill something in you that you keep.  That is why now you take your own kids back to the same places of your childhood memories when you camp at our old spots."  This all made so much sense to me.  It doesn't matter that the Disney World trip from two years ago is a blurry memory to the girls or the hours and energy put into birthdays and holidays are captured in photos but may not be cemented in their minds.  All these pieces help create a happy childhood for them and some part of it will stick with them.  My hopes of documenting  moments are to stir these memories later on in life.  None of us will remember exactly what happened this past weekend.  The jokes we laughed at, the food we ate, even the place we were...these things will be lost.  But, by reading this later on maybe we can go back to it briefly.  Even if we don't remember the details, we will remember it was a good time.  

With all that being said.  A quick weekend in review.  One for the memory books.

Matt on the board, Ava in the water and Layla planning on digging a huge hole.  It didn't end up very big.  

The girls LOVING the mud hole they found.  They were a mess.  Their laughter made it matter not at all.  

Little sister becomes the taller sister...

We ended up at this little lake because my sister has gone their a couple times.  We liked it very much.  We settled on our area of the beach...chairs out, cooler full and we stayed there for the remainder of the beautiful, warm day.  Taking turns on the paddle board, jumping in the water to cool off.  Everyone relaxed and content doing not very much.  It is such simple enjoyment.  Sun + Water.  

Today we set out to have a copy of the previous day.  This time at a lake closer to home and with our dear friends.  We haven't seen them much this past month so a catch-up was long over due.  We settled chairs, beach buckets and towels...ready for a day in the sun...splashing, paddle boarding and hanging out.  Our lovely Montana weather had other ideas and cut our day short with a thunder storm.  We very optimistically tried waiting it out.  I was willing the dark clouds to go the other way and the blue skies to come back.  They didn't.  A giant lightning strike had us finally throw in the towel.  We gathered our things and sadly left.  The day was not a loss.  We managed to squeeze in some fun those first couple hours before the storm hit.

We will have a do-over with them.  

Another hit from the weekend was some homemade apple pie...

It seems so wrong to be baking a pie in August, but it tastes so right.  My parents apple tree was bursting with apples and we brought home more than our fair share.  Friday night was just cool enough to justify turning on the oven for baking.  It still seemed all pie goes hand in hand with leaves changing colors to me.  I decided the best way to push thoughts of fall from my head while doing this was to make homemade vanilla ice cream to top it off with.  Ice cream is very much summer so it balanced it all out...

And I will say tastes SO good.  When you have apples falling from the tree you have no choice but to make a pie.  No matter what season it is.

Speaking of the apple pie reminds me that there is still half of it left that I should go tend to.  

That's all I got.  Short, sweet, weekend in review...for memory making.  

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