Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer Happies

The halfway mark of summer has passed us by.  There are school supplies popping up at Target.  The days are ever so slightly getting shorter.  While these things are happening we are in full summer enjoying mode.  To celebrate this fact I'm going to do some summertime happies.  There are plenty.  Here is a handful.  In no particular order.  

1.  Ice cream.  
Every day.  Sometimes multiple times in a day.
There is just something about ending a hot summer day with ice cream.  And with all the various activities around town where the ice cream truck is present you can't help but occasionally indulge in it twice.  We finally made our own ice cream for the first time this summer.  Candy bar vanilla.  I put each of our favorite candy bars in it.  It was good.  However, I have found my new favorite ice cream on one of our many trips to the ice cream shop.  Sea salt caramel.  This is perfection.  

2.  A New Family Toy

After borrowing a friends paddle board a couple weekends ago and a couple weeks of thinking on it we decided to buy one.  There has been no buyers remorse on this one.  In the past 24 hours Matt ran the river on it three times, each of the girls had multiple rides on it, we took it on the lake and even got Miss Ava paddling on it...

It is awesome and perfect for our family because it gets our water loving hearts out on the water for hours at a time.  And it's a hell of a work out paddling that thing up the river.  Love it.  

3.  Face Paint.
Even if it only last a short time before getting smeared off their little cheeks, it is always fun to watch my girls sit so still and patient while someone paints on their faces.  The other reason this makes the happy list is because face painting usually occurs when you are at something.  In this instance it was "Lunch on the Lawn".  Something they have once a week during the summer...there are food vendors, live music and of course ice cream!  It's a time to bump into friends, take a picnic and soak up some sunshine.  This was our first time this summer.  It was lovely.

4.  Colorful Cooking.

Our garden is bursting with beauty.  This particular evening I seared some ahi tuna and we topped it with a mixture of mango, red pepper, red onion, fresh ginger and lime juice.  Then drizzled it with a mix of soy, ginger, rice vinegar and lime juice.  All this in a lettuce wrap.  It was like taking a bite out of fresh and lively.  Matt cut the last of our spinach and strawberries so now we'll be moving on to zucchini and raspberries.  Looking forward to it.  

5.  A Family Night on the Town.
What began as a simple night to go out for pizza turned into one of the best evenings of the summer.  There is this place in town...Frank's, and during the summer they do pizza on the patio with their wood burning pizza oven.  We've talked about going and finally did it.  Oh my.  It was good.  Fresh ingredients, perfectly cooked, all enjoyed while out on their adorable patio with a cold local beer.  Enough said.  Happy.
I told Matt he sometimes looks angry in photos...this is his non-angry-looking-photo-face
After, on our way to ice cream (the recurring theme as you can see), we came upon not one but two awesome bands just doing their thing on Main Street.  It was actually "Music on Main" event held every Thursday where they shut down the streets for a band and tons of people come out.  This particular evening I think the music we found just off Main was way better than the Music on Main.  Just sayin'.  First the funkiest band from Seattle.  

These guys rocked out.  You could feel the passion they had for their music and how they just had fun with it.  Second we saw a crowd on a corner and went to check it out.  Found two 12 year olds that were seriously talented.  No joke, I think we will see them at the Grammy's one day...

Finally we took tired girls home.  A night that was simply supposed to be a pizza night turned into a full night of entertainment with my three favorite people.  

6.  My Girls Loving Summer.

These ladies have figured out how to do summer right.  They've even been sleeping in a bit, exhausted from hours in the sunshine.  Swimsuits go on in the morning and playing happens effortlessly throughout the day.  I was worried at the beginning of summer about the girls fighting more because they would be together so much.  This has not been the case.  Everyone is too happy for fighting.  (Not that there isn't the occasional knock down, drag out fight...this isn't a fantasy land).  It is such simple fun.  Water, sprinklers, parks.  Easy.  No pulling on snow pants, boots, hats and gloves.  Flip flops, shades and a quick layer of sunscreen is all that is needed.  I really try to not be negative about winter, especially in front of the girls, but it doesn't matter.  They know summer kicks winters ass any day of the week.  

Have a very happy summer week.  

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