Sunday, July 7, 2013

July has Begun.

I find in the summer I'm not writing quite as regularly.  I believe this is simply because it is summer.  Writing, like running or cooking is a type of therapy for me.  A way to clear my mind, sort my thoughts, and feel ready to take on life.  However, summer in itself does this so the need is not there.  I still write, cook and run for the pure enjoyment of it but summer takes care of the mind clearing/therapy part of my life.  Warm air, blue skies, sun on my skin and spending more hours outside than inside.  That is good for the soul.  Yesterday I put my swimsuit on before breakfast and eight hours later I finally took it off.  Except for meals and the occasional reapplication of sunscreen all day was spent on the water.  That is good stuff.  

We found a new hobby that lends itself to being on the water all day.  It's fair to say both Matt and I are hooked.

It's such fun.  Any activity you can do barefoot in the sun while gliding over the water is something I can totally get into.  The girls dug it also.  Even the dog tried.  Ava wasn't too sure at first.  She begins everything cautiously while Layla jumps in head first.  After gentle encouragement on my end and Matt telling her she had to try we got her on and she ended up loving it.  As soon as we were done she was asking when we could go again.  Good life lesson for never know if you will like something unless you give it a try.  Come to think of it that's a good life lesson for myself as well.  

This week there was some Fourth of July celebrating going on.   We had some festive flare...

Fourth of July is not on the top of my list of favorite holidays.  It moved down the year Ava was a baby.  She was only around three months old on her first 4th and finally starting to sleep through the night.  I was still very much in the beginnings of motherhood where you thought any little noise would most certainly wake up the baby.  Wake up the baby I had just finished nursery for an hour, rubbing her forehead, praying silently in my sleep deprived hazed that she would please, please, please fall asleep.  Then I would quietly creep out of her room thinking if I walked out like a regular person she would of course wake up screaming.  Not realizing that if a baby really is asleep you could be at a rock concert and they wouldn't be fazed.  When the fireworks started going off on the 4th that year it was the first time I realized how ridiculously loud they were.  I wondered why anyone would want to shoot bright lights into the air when all I wanted to do was sleep for three hours in a row before I had to get up with a baby again.  The second reason for my dislike of fireworks began with our dog, Sadi.  Oh, how this dog hates them.  It turns our big seventy pound dog into a shaking, panting, smelly (you can literally smell her fear) mess.  Every year I worry that she will not survive it.  Poor puppy.  Now, the girls are older and I realize nothing wakes them up in the night except for bad dreams.  They are very into fireworks and Fourth of July type things.  Because of this, I find the holiday crawling back up my list of holidays I like.  (Like, not love...not there yet).  But, as long as we have Sadi, I will not truly enjoy it.  To ease her anxiety we usually leave town for the holiday.  Get away where there aren't so many fireworks it sounds like we are in a war zone.  This year we spent three lovely days at the river with my parents.  The weather was perfect, the water was warm and it was blissfully quiet.  

We did river things.  Things like paddle board, swim endlessly in the river and simply relax.  We watched evening storms come in while under the covered deck...  

Summer storms are awesome.  When you are some place safe and you can watch it move in.  Watching something so powerful.  The lighting was amazing.  Later in the evening we were sitting by the campfire and in the distance there were low clouds covering the mountain range.  The lighting was lighting up the clouds from beneath.  You didn't see it coming down from the was like it was coming up in the clouds.  It went on for hours.  It was the coolest storm I have ever seen.  I thought about grabbing my camera to try to capture it, but it is one of those things I knew couldn't be captured in a photo.  You kinda had to be there.  

Other river things...  

Matt and my dad invented a new sport.  You take a paddle board and a boat.  One end of the rope is hooked to the boat, the other is in the hand of the person on the paddle board.  Person on paddle board gets their balance and the boat takes off up the river, trying to avoid rocks.  Many crashes follow.  Person on paddle board frantically swims to try to get the board before it floats down river.  Spectators, aka little girls on the shore, laugh hysterically.  I don't recommend this sport.  
Look left...crash is about to happen
When the girls were little we could get away with leaving town and pretending the Fourth of July never happened.  They're onto us now and I don't want to deprive them of a holiday that is of important significance to our country.  So, I bought a few "quiet" fireworks for them.  And by quiet, I mean totally lame.  Luckily they are young enough chasing the parachute that came shooting out of the pathetic firework was fun.

Even our sparklers were kinda lame.  The sunset behind it was pretty cool tho...

After putting the girls to bed I found my mom watching the NYC fireworks show on TV.  I felt so bad about our sad little fireworks show I actually got the girls out of bed so they could see some "real" ones in New York.  Maybe next year we should send the dog to Grandma's and take the girls to a fireworks show.  Or maybe not.  It was a pretty perfect weekend.  After five solid hours in the water yesterday, floating and paddle boarding we packed up very tired girls and headed home.

Sun-kissed girls snoring in the back seat and happy refreshed parents in the front.  We had decided to come home Saturday so we could have one day at home before a new week.  It's hard to leave the river when it's 80-degrees and beautiful but we also had planned a date night for the evening since we missed it the day before.  There was no cooking involved in this date night.  It was a night of ordering in, sitting on the back porch and soaking up the quiet back in the neighborhood.

We woke up Sunday not knowing what to do with the day.  Part of me wanted to stay home and be lazy, part wanted to get out and do something.  Sometimes things just fall into place without planning on your part.  That is what happened today.  We ended up going with some friends for a picnic and swimming in a freezing cold Montana creek swimming hole.  I love it when days work themselves out.  It was a beautiful afternoon...

Ava, my sweet animal lover, made some friends...

Summer lovin'.  
And, can I just say how happy this makes me...

As a Montana girl who longs for ocean the sight of a board on my car makes a big cheesy smile come across my face.  Love it.  

Happy day.  

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