Monday, July 15, 2013

A Weekend with a Side of Sick

I believe there should be some sort of rule about kids getting sick in the summertime.  The rule would be something like "Kids can't get sick in the summer".  It's so unfair to be stuck on the couch all day feeling crummy when the sunny, 90-degree weather is begging you to come outside and play.  Since apparently there is no such rule I have been nursing a sick babe today.  Poor Layla.  It is always so sad when the sparkle leaves your kids eyes.  They may muster a smile for you, but the eyes give them away.  You know they feel lousy and there's nothing you can do to take it away.  You make a bed on the couch for them, stack up some books to be read and keep a puke bucket close by.  You give extra hugs, you let them watch a ridiculous amount of TV because it seems to distract them from how they feel.  You wait for the sparkle to come back.  Still waiting.  

Before all this we were in the midst of a lovely weekend.  Saturday the girls threw on swim suits to head to their cousins third birthday party.  It was a perfect morning for a party.  I do believe all kids parties should take place in the morning. Kids are always in the best mood this time of day.  They jumped on the trampoline, swam, jumped, swam and jumped some more.  There were donuts, presents and lots of sunshine.  Oh, how I wish my girls had summer birthdays.

Cousins in front of my great-great-grandma's homestead.  
After the party we spent the afternoon doing the same thing, just at a different location.  We went over to a friends house to meet up with another friend who was in town visiting.  Parents caught up and kids jumped on the trampoline there, swam, jumped, swam, jumped.  It is clear to me that a trampoline and swimming pool are all my girls need for entertainment.  It was a good afternoon.  Catching up with someone who has been a friend since I was 15...that's twenty years!  Sometimes saying that makes me feel very old, but in this case it makes me feel very lucky.  Lucky to still be in touch with a person all these years even though we are far away.  Being with friends who I've known through the teen years, college, weddings, having babies and now as mamas.  Adults.  Based on our conversations, very much adults.  Adults with real-life stuff.  We may all only see each other once a year, but a day together to soak it all up is good.  To reminisce.  To feel comfortable enough to open up about all our real stuff because we've been sharing things for many years.  That is good for the soul.  

Sunday came around with mixed ideas of how to spend the day.  As often happens, Matt really wanted to stay closer to home.  I had the desire to get out and do something, but not quite as strong as usual.  I was tired from the busy day before, but get the feeling that summer is slipping by so thought we should.  Because we always tend to do what I want I thought it best to keep my mouth shut and let Matt take the lead for the day.  I'm so glad I did.  With my desire to get out every weekend I sometimes miss out on what is right in our own backyard.  And, by backyard I mean our little Bozeman in all its summer gloriousness.  I forget that we can have a perfectly delightful summer day without camping, hiking or escaping to the mountains.  That is exactly what we did.  After a leisurely morning we headed to a local trail for a stroll.  The girls climbed the giant trees and fed the very hungry ducks.  

We took the long route back to the car and wandered our lovely downtown.  Got a view from above-
Ava's got her pirate face on...arg
 And below-

We sat outside for lunch and watched the tourists walk by also enjoying our downtown.  Ava and I talked about how a lot of people come visit our city in the summertime and how lucky we are to get to live here.  She told me..."I just heard those people over there talking.  They're from Vermont and they are going to Yellowstone"  So, she's an eavesdropper apparently.  I replied "Lots of people like to come for Yellowstone".  Ava- "Yea, it represents us well".  Not sure where this kid comes up with this stuff.

Lunch came with the added perk of nerd glasses to which we found endless photo ops for the next hour...

And, then things began to go downhill as Layla's "tummy hurting" began.  Just one more reason I'm so glad we went with Matt's plan for the day to stick close to home.  

However, this does not mean I'm not already brainstorming where we should go camping this next weekend.  And, I bought Doritos...our official "camping chips".  That means we have to go.  

Hope your week is healthy.  

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