Sunday, May 12, 2013

This One's For the Mama's.

Today was a day to celebrate all the mama's out there.  I love getting to be a part of this motherhood club thanks to these two...

These two little girls who showed me how strong love could really be.  How you could give your heart completely to someone, or two someones so fully.  This weekend as I celebrated with my babes and those dearest to me I witnessed a whole lotta mama love.

Sister with baby Jacob love...

My mom with her mom and sister...That's mama love, grandma love, aunt/Godmama love...

Other sister with half-of-her-brood love...

Matt's folks for some in-law love...

And a rare group shot from our brunch...a lotta love...

Can you believe every person is actually looking and smiling at the camera in this shot??!

That is what I call good stuff.  I know Mother's and Father's Day are simply Hallmark holidays, but I don't think there is anything wrong throwing some extra celebration at the mom's out there.  It's a day to remember how lucky you are to be a mom, have a mom or know a mom.  I'm lucky enough to experience all three of those.  My own mom is amazing.  She raised three strong daughters, loved us unconditionally and helped us grow into the women we were meant to be.  She also happens to be one of the funniest ladies I know and there is never a shortage of laughter when in her company.  Every year for the longest time we've gotten together on Mother's Day morning along with my sisters, her sister and my grandma to enjoy a Mother's day celebration.  This year was a beautiful, sunny day and we soaked it up.  
Soaked up the sunshine, pretty little girls and cousin lovin'-

Whip cream fights...

And a water fight with two girls against one boy.  As Greg said "oh, now it is ON!"

How very lucky we are to get to spend this time together.  They say it takes a village and I'm forever thankful for the village I have here.

Within my own smaller village we did some mama's day celebrating as well.  Complete with coffee delivery in bed, flowers that scream summer is coming and my favorite things of all...homemade love gifts from two little girls.  

Painting from Ava and Layla 
The girls had planned not one, but three puppet shows for me for Mother's Day.  It was pretty adorable.  After the final show I got my first gift along with a note that had a hint as to where the next gift would be.  For Ava's birthday I had set up a scavenger hunt for her to find each gift.  It must have left quite an impression because that is exactly what they had planned for me.  I was touched.  Off I went from the "room with lots of pigs in it" to the "room with lots of horses in it"  to the "closet full of art stuff".  Each room held a treasure of gifts, cards and poems that little girls poured their hearts into.  I may have been making fun of my sister earlier for being so emotional opening her kids gifts, but I was just as sappy when my turn came around.  You simply can't help it when you feel their unconditional love.
Top Left-puppet show props, flower from Layla, poem from Ava and my scavenger hunt notes.  Melting heart.  
We ended the day with dinner out at one of my favorite restaurant patios for burgers, beer and french fries.  Downtown sign said it was 83-freakin degrees out.  Yea, I'll take that.  

Note the insanely large smile on Matt's face because he is eating a steak sandwich.  I guess I have to start including more meat in our vegetarian diet.  He certainly was not as excited about the veggie burgers we had the night before.  I'm not gonna burger tonight topped with artichokes and garlic aioli was pretty fabulous.  We ended things with a stroll downtown for ice cream.  If I didn't know better I would have thought it was the middle of July.  Perfect summer evening.  Even funnier with our conversation over ice cream...

Layla:  Why do you and Daddy always smooshie kiss?  (This has been a big topic at our house lately)
Matt:  Cuz we're trying to make a baby.
Me:  No, we're more babies.
Layla:  Yea, have another baby!
Ava:  No.  Little sisters are a pain.

I get it.  I have a little sister.  

I think we'll stick with our happy little family of four.

Being a mom truly has been the best and hardest, most rewarding and most challenging, wonderful thing I've done.  It's full of love, laughter, tears, fights, hugs, kisses and worry.  It's a beautiful combination of it all and I feel so very lucky to be their mama...

Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there.  It's something to be celebrated for sure.  

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