Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

The weather has called for a lot of inside days this past week.  Rain, crazy wind, dark skies, power outages.  It feels cozy, but also a bit cooped up.  The skies cleared briefly on Saturday and gave us a tiny hint of a rainbow...

We took this as an indication to get our booties outside and enjoy our brief period of sunshine before the rain returned.  We had my little nephew so we headed to the park to run off some energy.  

The kids were like animals that had finally been freed, running around playing.  Obviously they weren't the only ones...Matt and I got into quite the tether ball match.  I had forgotten how much fun this childhood game was.  It started as us showing the kids how to hit the ball around the pole and before you knew it, they had backed away sensing the competitiveness rise.  Sweatshirts came off and some serious tether ball playing began.  It was hilarious.  I think we need to get one for our backyard.  

All too soon the rain returned and we were forced back into inside activities.  Although we did sneak outside for a couple more breaks in the weather.  Once for splashing in some puddles...

And once for popsicles with friends...

You gotta take what you can get in springtime around here.  It was a very full weekend.  Cousin sleepover, neighbor dinner and an impromptu dinner date with Matt and our besties.  It usually takes weeks of advance notice to get together with Amy and Chad for an evening without kids.  Turns out all we need is a Sunday afternoon phone call to find a babysitter because we had the opportunity for a dinner out at our favorite restaurant.  I did not think it would work out, but by 5:45, we all had kids with babysitters and they were picking us up for an night out!  It was fantastic.  We lingered over a ton of food for over three hours...chatting, laughing and catching up without any interruption from children.  Good times.  

I think the grey weather is leaving me a little uninspired.  I must need the fresh air to get my creative juices flowing.  It makes me feel a little blah.  Like I want to stay in pj's, cuddled in bed.  Sometimes I try to push through those negative thoughts aside and find the silver lining and then I realize it's okay to just feel blah sometimes.  I have a few other blogs that I really enjoy reading.  Most of them are about women raising babies...the good and the bad.  They have a very optimistic tone which is what I love about them.  They remind me to find the happy in the everyday things and even in the hard parts.  I find them inspiring.  However, occasionally they make me feel inadequate.  Like I should be able to be optimistic 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Then I remind myself that it is okay to really enjoy and soak up the happy little moments, but it is equally okay to go through the low points and feel them.  It's okay to get frustrated with the girls fighting over who gets to pick what they play and maybe not handling it as gracefully as I could.  It's okay if going on day 7 of rainy days is making me feel stir crazy and a little bummed out.  It's okay to feel annoyance and irritation over something small, it doesn't mean I'm a bad person.  It's okay  being honest about these feelings and know they won't last forever.  You gotta feel all the feelings.  If you don't, you can't fully appreciate the positive ones.  I try to remember this...give myself a break.  Sometimes you don't have to stop to smell the roses.  You can stop and smell them next time.  If it feels forced you aren't really enjoying their fragrance.  This way you can really appreciate it when it pops up unexpectedly...

When you look up and realize the beauty you are standing underneath.  When you see what all the rain has created.  It is always a more genuine happiness when it isn't forced.

Totally got off on a tangent there.  That is what happens when I have nothing in particular to write about.  I do it anyways and you just never know what is going to come out.  That is what I love about writing...things coming up that I don't even realize I've been thinking about.  It sort of flows out.  It's a great outlet.  

The girls get out early today and then have four whole days off for Memorial weekend.  I'm looking forward to the extra time with my ladies.  I feel like I've been gone a lot lately.  Weekends away, out with friends, yoga...I've been a little absent.  I know it is good for everyone to do their own thing occasionally and I have really enjoyed it, but I'm ready for a family weekend.  I mean look at these two...they crack me up...

Ava was playing with my phone and captured these faces
Who wouldn't want to spend some extra time with them?  Except for the fighting.  Oh, the sisterly arguments.  Big sigh.

Happy long weekend to ya.  

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