Thursday, May 16, 2013


Yesterday I went on Layla's class field trip to the museum.  I watched her run around happily with her friends.  Every once in awhile she remembered that I was there and would look for me, meet my gaze and give me a bit smile before being pulled away again by a friend.  So very different than when I go on a class field trip with Ava, who also runs happy with friends but sticks much closer to me always holding my hand.  Each girl has her own type of friendships.  Layla with many social little girls while Ava prefers one on one, while being friendly to all.  It got me thinking about friendships.  The importance of these types of relationships.  It starts early and I smiled as I watched Layla holding hands with one of her "best" friends while the little girl blew on dandelion fluff and made her wish..."I wish we will all be friends forever"

I think there are many types of friendship that make the world go round.  Some people are like Layla, a social butterfly, with a large group of friends.  Each day changes who is the "best" friend.  She has a great group from school this year.  Some are more like Ava, quieter, loyal, happier playing with cousins than school friends.  She has many different friends and always has someone to partner up with, but no particular best friend or group.  I think I'm a balance between the girls.   When it comes down to it I feel most comfortable with my sisters who have always been my best friends (except for the high school years...not so friendly) and with my best friend who is like a sister.  I always feel happiest with these three women...they know me, let me be myself and make me laugh like no other.  I also enjoy my more casual friends, neighbor friends, mom friends from the kids school.  Women I may not know as well, but enjoy time and conversations with and learning more about them and myself in the process.  

Then there were the core friendships I had with a group of girls...some from high school, some from college.  Girls who were such an important part of my growing up and shaping who I would turn out to be.  Women who are now scattered across the country.  Friends I still think about often with the fondest of memories, who I keep in touch with thanks to Facebook and email.  Friends who when we see each other will spend hours catching up.  Friends who if they lived closer would be women I know I would share long conversations with over lunches or glasses of vino.  

And, then there are future friendships that haven't even begun.  Women who I may not even have met who will come into my life at a different stage.  Who I will get to know, learn from and will leave a mark like all the others in my life.  

I'm with Layla's friend.  If I was to make a dandelion wish it would also be "that we would all be friends forever."  

Things have been a little out of sorts this week.  I've worked a bit more and had a sick baby for a couple of days...
She always looks more like her little baby self when she's sick
Everyday I think I know how the day will go it has been completely changed.  This is hard and good for me at the same time.  Hard in that I'm such a planner and like to know how my days are going to go and how I'm going to accomplish the "to-do" list in my head.  And good in the same way.  It's good for a creature of habit like myself to be forced to change things up and take the curve balls that are thrown.  It reminds me that when things don't go exactly as planned and things don't get checked of my imaginary to do list, life still goes on and the world doesn't fall apart.  It doesn't mean I won't go right back to planning things out come next week...but it's good to be thrown off occasionally.

Our whole valley has blossomed and turned green overnight.  Everything smells fresh, green and floral.  And, my most favorite flower ever is blooming in our backyard...

I love everything about lilacs.  Their color, their smell and their promise of the summer months to come.

Happy week.  

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