Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Weekend Away.

Man, I am so tired after a very full weekend.  A weekend spent away from my usual lazy ones with Matt and the girls.  A weekend with a different group of friends, in one of my favorite cities.  A weekend of getting to know each other better, lots and lots of laughter and a bit of a mess...

Three of my co-worker/friends and I went to Missoula for a "Color Me Rad" 5K.  One of them had stumbled across these runs that are held across the country and thought we should all go.  We signed up for it months ago and anxiously waited for the weekend to arrive.  It's a 5K run where you get bombed with color paint throughout the run, get some groovy 80's shades and wear crazy outfits that will get totally covered in bright colors.  It is a a fun, not even timed race (although we did it in about 30 minutes, just sayin.  Wait, is that good time?).  It was hilarious.  Whoever came up with the idea to create a run where the whole point is to get covered head to toe in paint is genius.  I will forever be disappointed by any other run.  When I run this week I will feel sad that there is no one lurking, waiting to plaster me paint at any moment.  I will be wearing old running clothes and not a colorful tutu.  How very boring.  Let me just say...if you ever get a chance to participate in a run like this I suggest you do it.  You will not be disappointed. Here's a little before and after shot...
Before:  Totally clean rocking our hand-made tutus & side pony tails.  After:  A hot mess.
Because the race was held in Missoula we decided to make a girls weekend out of it.  It was a good old fashion road trip full of salty snacks and girl talk driving down I-90.  After the run we decided to have one celebratory drink while still all filthy before cleaning up to hit the town.  While on our way to the brewery for said drink we passed the best ice cream place in the state, Big Dipper and thought what better way to celebrate the completion of the race than beer and ice cream.
Espresso Heath ice cream and a Cold a little piece of heaven after the run
Missoula is such a cool town anyways but with the run going on and a Brewfest in their downtown the city was in such a happy mood.  Everyone was out enjoying the sunshine and everywhere we went there were people who had obviously raced that day as well.  The ice cream and beer held us over long enough to clean up and then hit the town for the night.  We were all over the place...Mexican dinner to celebrate Cindo de Mayo, bubbly at a wine bar in a beautiful historic building and then off to a dive bar for beers and some ping pong competition.  Such fun.  I kinda want to get a ping pong table now.  

I woke up early this morning, despite our very late bedtime and couldn't sleep anymore.  I have completely lost the ability to sleep in since having kids.  I didn't want to disturb my friends who were sleeping so soundly so I snuck out of the room and went to take a little stroll through my second favorite city in Montana (I'm still a Bozeman girl at heart).  The streets and sidewalks were so quiet and peaceful compared to the day before.  I crossed the bridge and watched the early morning sun reflecting on the river.  Nice way to wake up.  Followed by breakfast at an outdoor cafe while reminiscing of the previous days fun.
Still rockin' our rad shades
All of us felt so relaxed after a full weekend.  I left feeling like I had gotten to know each of these wonderful ladies a little better and happy to have been able to spend the weekend with them.  

As much fun as it was, I was so happy to get home to Matt and my babies.  They are, after all, my favorite people to be with.  

I feel a lot like I could use another day before a fresh week begins.  Or at least an early bedtime tonight which is why this will be short and sweet.  It is supposed to be a warm week, may even feel a little like spring.  This will be a change from the crazy weather we had last week.  We went from this one day...
Of course it had to snow on "Walk to School" day!

To this the very next...
My "Boys"
I don't have sons, but fortunately I have five nephews.  These are the two youngest and I got to spent some time with them this past week.  They are awesome.  

I did a bit of cooking last week and was planning on sharing some of the recipes but I have completely run out of steam.  Maybe later this week.  Matt cooked on date night Friday evening and it was fantastic.  Beautiful stuffed peppers that tasted as good as they looked...

He's been giving me a little competition in the kitchen lately.  Not that it's a contest or anything.

Okay, time to go catch up on some much needed sleep.  I'm too old to stay up until one in the morning.

Happy week to ya.  

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