Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday Ramblings.

I'm a little sleepy tonight so forgive me if this is a little scattered.  We went out with our neighbors last night and even though we didn't get home late, I proceeded to chat with our babysitter, sister, until midnight.  This morning as I was going through the Monday morning routine I was regretting my lack of sleep as well as the third glass of vino I had at dinner.  Oh well.  

To start things off, Happy Earth Day...

We decided to brave the chill in the air with a stroll to the park after dinner to enjoy this Earth day.  The sun was out, but it was not warm.  Still feeling very winter like around here, but supposedly their is a warm up coming our way so maybe I can stop complaining about weather for awhile.  If it really does get nicer, I'll be ecstatic because it means maybe, maybe we can have Layla's upcoming birthday party outside this weekend.  This would be fantastic because there will be an extra handful at her party because little miss social butterfly has some class mates coming to her party.  Speaking of Layla's birthday Ava has been a busy girl making her sister a gift.  She told me she had a great idea, but would need a little help.  Always happy to help and encourage with the making of gifts I was all about this.  Ava then told me she wanted to make Layla a stuffed pig.  Hmmmm.  Now, I wish I had amazing sewing skills and daydream about being on Project Runway making fabulous clothes, but it is not something that is actually a part of my skill set.  I can sew on a button or do okay with the occasional Halloween costume, but I am no seamstress.  There was one point this past year I thought about trying to make curtains for our living room and Matt very nicely discouraged this idea, thank goodness.  Ava was really excited about the idea so I thought despite my reservations we would give it a try.  How hard could a little pig be?  It turns out, Ava has some pretty good sewing skills...

Maybe she'll be my little fashion designer.  She was so proud of her work and I can't wait to see Layla's reaction when she opens it.  

Between the sewing activities we had a very busy weekend.  It all began with Friday night date.  I love, love, love the nights Matt cooks date night dinner.  But, (there's always a but, right?!)  he is such a messy cook.  I kinda clean as I go when I'm in the kitchen and if it gets too messy in the midst I have to stop and clean up a bit.  Matt, on the other hand, uses every pot and pan, every piece of counter space and it pretty much looks like a disaster when all is said and done.  For example...

It must work for him though because dinner was spectacular...

He went with Indian food...not something either of us cooks often.  He made a red curry with basmati rice and homemade flat bread.  It was delicious.  Different than the usual pasta type dishes I usually gravitate towards on date nights.  I get stuck in food ruts sometimes...this was a very nice departure.  

My sleepiness is clouding my creativity, so I'm just going to throw down a few more happies from the weekend and call it a night.

1.  Cousin Time.
Friday after school I had my little nephew Jacob with me to pick up the girls.  They didn't know I was going to have him and it is always a happy surprise for them...

We then proceeded to head across town to meet Kim and Greg at their bus stop and threw a couple more cousins in the clown car...
Good Times.

2.  More Birthday Celebrations.
We spent Saturday evening at Matt's parents celebrating both girls birthdays with them.  This always means a lot of food, spoiling of the girls and lots of fun.
New Bday jammies!

More cake.  I don't think we are going to finish all of Ava's desserts before I start baking Laylas.  I'll keep working on it.  
3.  Impromptu Outings.
We had no real plans for Saturday.  When I was out on my run that morning I got a text from my dad inviting us up to their river house.  Sounded like a good time, so we loaded up in the car and met them there.  Bonus, my sister and her kids were there too.  We weren't there long, but long enough to relax and chat and let the kiddos play.  Play and taunt the puppy...
"Mokie!!!!  Come Mokie!!"

And, then they would run as soon as the pup came running over...
Except Ava...she always had love for Mokie.
4.  First World Problems.
A co-worker brought this book to the office full of all the "problems" we have to suffer in our country.  Things like...

They totally cracked me up.  We are so spoiled and ridiculous here and I love how it made fun of that.  Sarcasm is big in our family, so this book was right up our alley.  And, I couldn't help continuing to throw around the phrase "oh man, first world problems" throughout the weekend.  I think Matt's over it.  I still think it's funny.

And, I'm done.  This was pretty lame, but I couldn't not write this evening.  Even in my tired state it just completes my day.  Now, it's off to bed.  

Hope your week is happy.    

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