Thursday, April 25, 2013

It's the Funny Moments.

It's been a funny week.  Not funny as in "ha ha", but just a few funny things going on.  For example...eating chocolate sprinkled donuts on a random Wednesday morning.

Just a few sprinkles on there huh?  That's what happens when they let you put your own on.  You go crazy and smash it in the sprinkle bowl a little deeper to get as many as you can on.  Matt has been raving about this donut place in town that makes homemade fresh donuts.  I am not a donut fan.  I think it's because I prefer to have my dessert after dinner, not with breakfast.  However, I was intrigued to see if this place was worth eating fried dough and candy before 10 am.  We found ourselves with a bit of free time after we both took some time off Wednesday morning for Ava's class musical.  I thought this the perfect time to check this place out.  Here's what I found out:  
1.  Fresh donuts are, of course better than ones you get at the supermarket.
2.  A hippy dude who owns a donut joint is a very cool guy indeed.
3.  When the kid behind the counter tells you that you have to get a chocolate donut with sprinkles if it's your first time there, you do as you are told.
4.  Putting your own sprinkles on is fun at any age.
5.  You will crash from all that sugar approximately 2 hours after consumption.
6.  I still don't really like donuts.

Just as much as I thought I wouldn't be indulging in donuts this week, I didn't think I would say I made a tutu one night.  But, I did...

Cute, huh?  I didn't just get a wild hair and decide to make a tutu one night, there is a story behind it.  Although it may be funnier if I simply said I made a tutu one night.  Maybe because "tutu" is such a funny word in itself.  Anyways.  A couple friends from work and I are participating in a "Color Me Rad" 5K run next weekend.  This is a run where you basically get paint thrown at you throughout the run and end up a hot mess.  We decided if you are going to end a hot mess, you might as well start as one, hence the bright tutu's we will be wearing.  It was all very Project Runway...going to the fabric store to choose our colors, cutting  and knotting and creating the masterpiece.  They were kind of a pain (cutting what felt like 100 strips of tulle = not so fun), but they turned out cute and we had a lot of laughs making them.  The run is going to be a riot.

I mentioned before Ava had a musical in her class earlier this week.  They do one each year, with their individual classes.  The teacher takes volunteers to sing solos, which my quiet girl would never do.  However, the teacher also requires each kid to at least speak into the microphone.  I like that she does encourages those who may be too shy to volunteer to still get the opportunity.  Or in the case of Ava, to force a little public speaking.  Ava practiced her lines, but was not excited about doing it.  She told me how nervous she was.  And, she had to open the show by welcoming everyone.  I was a little nervous for her because I'm pretty sure she gets this aversion to public speaking from me not Matt.  I expected her to go up and say her lines as quietly and quickly as possible.  I underestimated her.  She may have been scared, but she was cool and calm under pressure and delivered.  I was such a proud mama.

Onto my other baby...little miss Layla has a birthday coming up this weekend.  Two weeks really is the perfect time between their birthdays.  I need the one week to recover from the planning and baking from the first party and then a week to plan and bake for the next.  That is what I've been busy doing this week.  Lots of baking...
Chocolate cupcakes that will be turned into little pink snouts for the party and purple rice krispy treats for her class.  They don't really look purple in the picture.  I do think making rice krispy treats are kind of cheating when it comes to treats, but they are for a bunch of kindergartners and I don't think they'll be doing reviews at the end of snack time so I'm good.  There's also been some crafting going on in preparation for the pig party...

I have found the pig theme to be quite adorable.  Lots of pink.  The girls read these "Pinkalicious" books and I've always wanted to do a Pinkalicious themed party.  Neither of the girls have been on board with that, so the pig party has been the closest I can get so I'm making sure there is pink everywhere.  It is going to be a good time.  And, fingers crossed, I think the weather is going to cooperate for an outside party.  Toes crossed too on this one.

Earlier this week was a kind-of anniversary for Matt and I.  April 24th 1997 is the day we started dating.  Is that what kids are calling it these days?  Dating, going out, hooking up? Whatever you call it, it has been 16 years of togetherness!!!  Does that not sound crazy?! I remember so well sitting in my dorm room, 619 North Hedges and Matt kissing me for the first time.  I was a smitten kitten and have been since.  I was totally kidding when I told Matt the other morning that 16 years sounded too long and maybe we should just call it quits.  Sometimes my sense of humor is messed up.  
Aww, puppy love.  What babies we were.  And, I'm pretty sure that's a hemp necklace Matt has on.  And, I had at least 6 earrings in my ears.  We've come a long ways.

I'm looking forward to a weekend of celebrating my baby girl turning 6.  No trace of toddler hood or pre-schooler left.  It gives me a slight sadness.  She's my baby.  I will try to not be all mushy about it and simply celebrate the beautiful day she was born.  Who am I kidding...I'll totally be mushy about it.  That's what us mamas do.

I end with a moment I captured this week.  Just a girl and her dog...

Happy weekend to y'all.  

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