Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ta-Ta for Now.

I have been having a hard time staying focused this week.  I think my mind is already on vacation.  It is sitting on a beach sipping a pina colada.  Unfortunately my body won't be there until later this week, hence the lack of focus.  Luckily I've been at work all last week and staying busy there keeps my mind on something other than getting the heck out of this grey winter weather.  It is also leaving me with a bit of writers block.  I could either write about the details of my work life which would bore most or about plans for our trip but there will be enough about that once we get back.  Doesn't leave me with much inspiration for writing.  I have done a lot of writing and then deleting.  Nothing seems to be flowing.  


I had a few recipes down...quick meals I went to this week because I was working so much.  Even had a clever spin to meals in under 43 minutes.  Inspired from Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals, but more realistic because very few dinners can actually be made in under half hour.  After re-reading it, I realized it wasn't gonna make the cut.

Back to square one.  

While we are gone I'll be taking a bit of a hiatus from writing because a laptop and sand don't mix.  I suppose I should simply end with a small list of happies from this past and week and weekend.  At least that will give me some direction.

Here's what's making me smile...

-A New Addition to the Family-

And by family, I mean my parents.  Although if Ava had her way this pup would be home with us right now.  It was my dad's birthday and this was his gift to himself.  The cutest, cuddliest little puppy that we all just snuggled up today...
Meet Mokie.
Playing in the snow...and Sadi trying to stay away from her

So stinkin cute.
We got to play with the puppy and have family dinner, which we haven't done in forever.  I think we all scared the poor little pup at first...we're a lot to take in, my big crazy family.  By the end, she had it figured out.  She knew there were lots of little kids running around, loud voices and plenty of people ready to snuggle a sleeping puppy.  

-New Hair Cut-

Little Miss mentioned one day she wanted to cut her hair short.  I was on the phone making an appointment before she finished the sentence.  This girls hair is usually one tangly mess.  It could be brushed smooth after a shower before bedtime and by morning it is a total rat's nest.  I wanted to get it cut before she had a chance to change her mind.  And before a week of salty water and sandy air which certainly don't help in the snarl department.  I decided it was time for her to go to my hair dresser...we've done the kiddie salon in the past, but she's almost 8 years old now.  It turned out so cute and you can tell she just loves it.  It's fun to be a girl.

-Afternoon Latte and Baking-

Friday, after the end of a looong working week I treated the kids to popcorn and myself to  our new Starbucks drive thru.  Then it was off to my sisters for some cousin time and helping her bake cakes for her kids school carnival.  It was Dr. Seuss themed.  I had big ideas of truffula trees, but we decided to keep it simple with Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They must have turned out well enough because when Greg won during his spin at the cake walk, he choose Thing 1 over all the other cakes there.

-Love Notes-

Ava left this note for her sister the other day and it melted my heart.  Earlier in the week, Layla had a rough day at school.  Something she didn't really want to talk about, so I mentioned to Ava maybe she could check in on her sister.  I told her how sometimes you would rather talk to your sister about something than your parents, so maybe she could help.  Ava has the biggest heart...I don't think she ever asked Layla what was going on and it all blew over quickly, but she still was thinking about her.  Love it.

New Hobbies-

Matt has been showing the girls a few things on the guitar and they are both really taking to it.  Especially Ava.  Using his guitar was a little tough because the girls are so small.  This weekend he came home with a smaller, kids guitar for them to practice on.  It is adorable.  They are both very serious about excited when they learn a new chord and wanting to show me.  Matt may get his band yet.  They still won't let me sing in it.

-Date Night Disasters...Good for a Laugh-

I was attempting to make fried buffalo goat cheese balls.  What I got was a melty mess.  Not sure where I went wrong.  Matt and I were each doing an appetizer and I had high hopes for mine.  I mean it was fried cheese with buffalo sauce for crying out loud...should have been a total winner.  However, they melted in the oven.  I didn't give up.  I re-formed them, dipped them in my sauce and tried to salvage my mess...

They ended up tasting good, so that's what counts, right?  I will admit, Matt totally won that night...appetizers are just not my thing I've decided.  Date night ended with us finishing off a box of Valentine's chocolate.  It was like playing a game...smashing each one to eat the good ones and throwing any with a colored filling into the sink...

Puppet Shows-
This show went into pre-production on Friday morning and the actual event was Saturday night.  These were very busy girls...making programs, signs and pictures for the different scenes.  So much went into the preparations, I think they forgot about what the show would actually be about.  There wasn't much of a theme.  There was a lot of squealing, giggling and saying "where are your underpants?"  That was our cue to "laugh our heads off" as the sign said.  

-Simple Baking-
Three ingredients, fifteen minutes and you've got a homemade dessert...

Peanut butter cookies are my dad's favorite so I decided to whip some up today to go with his birthday gift.  Easiest recipe ever.  1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of peanut butter and 1 egg.  Mix, roll into a ball, sprinkle with cinnamon (okay it's four ingredients if you count the cinnamon.  If you want to keep it at 3 just sprinkle with more sugar!)  Place on a cookie sheet, gently flatten a little with a fork and bake for 7 minutes at 375-degrees. 

That about wraps it up.  All it takes for me to get inspired is to think about the little things that make me happy.  That's what it's all about right?  Taking time to appreciate the small things.  Now, I am going to let myself get further into vacation mode.  Getting through a few more days of school and work, packing and getting ready to head south for the palm trees.

Goodbye snowy Montana...please let spring really be here when we get back.  Hello sunny Florida...we'll be there soon so bring on the sunshine!!

I can't resist putting just a couple more puppy pictures up...

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