Thursday, March 28, 2013

Short and Sweet Happies.

Oh, I am a happy girl today.  For one thing I have the window open as I write this and there is nothing like some fresh air to make one happy.  It is probably a little chilly for the window to actually be open, and when I cool down more from my morning run I'll probably have to shut it.  But, for now I am enjoying the breeze on my face as I write.  
I read this quote last night..."Gratitude turns what you have into enough"  I love it.  This morning I feel full of gratitude.  It may not be 75-degrees out with green grass, but the sun is shining bright in the big blue sky and that is enough.  It's the small things that should be enough to fill you with gratitude.  Here's the little things that are simply enough for me this week....

1.  Signs of Spring-

If you look, they are every where right now.  This week I got to walk to pick up the girls more than I had to drive.  Sure sign of spring.  We saw our first first sign of spring.  The return of wearing flip flops because the snow has melted.  Sign of spring.  Now, I know in some places, temperatures in the fifties mean it's time to wear boots and jackets, but here it is when you can get away with no socks and just a sweatshirt.  This morning on my run there were signs of spring everywhere.  So many I had to stop a couple times to snap a photo or two...

Good morning Bridger Mountains.  I hear you beginning to call my name.  Be need to melt a little more snow before I head up to play.  
For the first run of the season, I was shedding layers instead of trying to run faster to stay warm.  The hat and gloves were not needed.  It was glorious.  Now, I am not so foolish to believe there is not a wicked snow storm or two still to come...but I'm going to enjoy the right now.  And, the right now is serving up some beautiful spring happiness.  There are even rumors of temps hitting the 60's for Easter.  Freakin awesome.

2.  My girls-
Rockin some cool new hats from Grandma J.
My girls are always enough.  They always fill me with so much gratitude that I feel it bubbling over.  There are times when they make me crazy.  Days when they fight more often than they get along.  Times when they are yelling over each other like two real housewives on a reunion show.  (Yes, I watch bad reality TV, it's my guilty pleasure)  But, none of that matters...that's just sisters.  This week they have been busy planning an Easter program for us.  "Rehearsals" began on Saturday and they have been practicing every day since.  Working on different scenes and such.  They are being very secretive about it, but I hear the music rocking in Ava's room and dancing around.  I also saw the cast of characters written on her white board.  Not a huge cast..."Bunny-Ava, Kid-Layla"  This morning I opened the door without knocking to tell them it was time for school and got a glimpse of the production...

As you can see from Ava's face, I was not supposed to see them.  I was promptly told to leave.  Looking forward to the show on Sunday.  Little moments like that...they are enough.

3.  Spring Cleaning and Home Projects.
As I mentioned last time I have been in full cleaning out mode.  The weekend was for the girls and a couple days ago I took to my own closet.  Within a hour I had two huge garbage bags full of clothes, shoes and purses to get rid of.  It felt good.  I call it my, "I'm 35 now clothes clean out"  I think it helped that I had the show 'What Not To Wear' on as I did my purge.  Something about hearing Stacy and Clinton talk about others ridiculous wardrobes helps me to get the ridiculousness (is that a word?) out of my own.  Maybe it's because of my years in retail, but I love an organized closet...
I only can show my side...Matt's...not so organized.
I also have been working on a home project that I haven't needed Matt's help for.  Most of my creative ideas he ends up having to finish when I give up on them because they aren't going as I imagined them.  Well, this time I took on one I can handle.  Maybe it's because it is going smoothly and is turning out.  Whatever.  We have this screen divider in our room.  We originally had it to hide the treadmill in our room when we weren't using it.  Well, the treadmill is gone, but now it hides Matt's music corner when he's not rocking out.  Our house isn't that big so it's his version of a man-cave.  It's a man-corner.  Anyways, the cat had been scratching the bottom of the screen and it was starting to look trashed.  After watching a Project Runway episode where they used duct tape to create beautiful dresses I felt a sudden inspiration as to how to cover the cat scratches.  Duct tape.  A medium I can totally work with...
As you can see it is not complete yet.  For some reason I imagined one roll of tape would finish the whole thing.  Three rolls in and I'm almost done.  I love how it is turning out.  Who would have thought duct tape, right?

And, yes...those are mustaches you are seeing.  It was a good use of the silly duct tape my mom gave Matt for Christmas.  And, it will be easy to replace when we are over it.  For now it adds a quirky accent.  That's just how we roll.

4.  The Return of Yoga.
After a few week hiatus the spring session of yoga began.  Breath of fire, deep mediation, strong poses.  Enough said.  Namaste.

5.  A New Photo Book...

I usually do a photo book at the end of each year.  I had finally begun my 2013 book.  I wanted to get winter and our vacation part done before we hit birthday and summer season.  As I was working on it I got a coupon for a free 20-page book.  This was too good of an offer to pass up, so I decided to do our vacation as it's own book this year.  It came in the mail yesterday and we got to re-live our trip yet again.  Love it.

The weekend is approaching and it will be full.  Easter egg dyeing, making yummy desserts for Easter and of course being the bunny, which is always a favorite of mine.  And, I don't think we'll be hiding eggs in snow this year, so there's a bonus.  

Hope this week fills you with gratitude and happiness.  Take what you have and make it enough.  Happy day to ya.  

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  1. This was such a sweet post.. I wish we had more signs of Spring but the snow has kind of put a stop to that this week!