Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Art of Nothingness.

Doing nothing is not something that comes easily to me.  I think I've mentioned this before.  I like to be busy.  Activities, entertaining, cooking, creating fill my days and thoughts.  When I try to do nothing I find myself getting a little antsy and on the verge of boredom.  I know this is not necessarily a good thing.  Slowing down and doing nothing can be really, really good.  Over-planning and going from one thing right into the next without catching your breath can make it hard to enjoy the moment...something I have been striving to work on.  Matt is a good balance for me with this as by the weekend he is usually wiped out from his week and has the art of nothingness mastered. (I say this in a totally positive way)  I think, like with most things, there is a balance.  The girls are a great reminder of this.   I find myself wanting to fill our weekend with family "fun" and yet I see the girls, totally content just wanting to play.  This is when I remind myself simply playing is so important.  They work so hard at school all week long...each day a planned routine.  Get up, get ready, breakfast, to school all day, home, snack, homework, dinner, squeeze in a little play but not enough to really get into it, bed and repeat.  Monday through Friday.  No wonder on weekends they just want to get engrossed in some Polly Pocket land.  I am learning to embrace this also.  I think what is hard for me is that up until recently I was needed a lot more with their activities.  Now, these girls get involved in their pretend world and it is like Matt and I don't even exist.  If we are lucky enough for their play to bring them to the living room we at least get a peak into this world.  More often than not it is in one of their rooms, door shut, mommy and daddy not invited.  I get it.  My sisters and I would play for hours...lost in our own Barbie world.  These memories do not involve my mom, so I get the sisterly play world.  What I'm trying to figure out is where my place is.  All of us finding our individual way.  Trickier said than done when I've been so focused on being their mom these past years.  It's a transition...going from babyhood and toddler hood where you are so involved and now into school age.  Independent school age kids.  I'm figuring it out and I know it's not like they are leaving for college tomorrow but it still makes me a little sad.  

Anyways...back to our boring  quiet weekend.  

Waking up Saturday morning to a blizzard was the first indication it was going to be a tucked inside type day.  You could hear the snow hitting the windows and looked outside to a blanket of white.  First decision made was to stay in bed with coffee and watch Saturday morning cartoons with the girls.  (We actually do this every Saturday, snow, rain or shine.)  After, the girls went into their play world, Matt went to tackle the snow on the sidewalks and I began to wrestle with the thoughts in my head.  Do I make some plans for the day?  Try to see what might be going on in town?  Invite some friends or neighbors over for dinner?  Or, do I give in to this snow day and just relax?  Judging from the fact that the girls hadn't even gotten out of their cozy jammies, I decided to stop over thinking everything and try this do nothing thing.  The snow gave me the urge to bake, but I was a baker without flour, sugar or vanilla.  Not too much you can make with that.  After a quick trip to the store we were in business.

Sea salt, caramel chocolate crinkles.  Totally worth the trip to the grocery store through a snow storm.  The caramel centers were so ooey, gooey fresh out of the oven.  Kind of a delicious mess.  Not my own recipe...this was a Pinterest discovery.  They are very good, but the caramel does get a little hard and chewy after it cools.  I don't mind it like that, but a quick zap in the microwave makes them fresh out of the oven soft again.

A bit more from a weekend of nothing at our house...

Playing in the fresh powder after the snow storm passed-

I had a bunch of colored sugar left from Ava's class Valentine's party.  I didn't want to use it in anything after a bunch of 2nd graders had their fingers in it, but I also didn't want to waste it.  (I had drastically overestimated how much we would need for cupcakes)  A couple weekends ago my sister had let the kids use spray hair color (leftover from Halloween) to paint snowmen.  This gave me the brilliant idea to use the colored sugar in the snow to make fairy houses for snow fairies.  In the summer when we go camping the girls and I like to make little fairy houses out of moss and pine cones.  Same idea, just the snow version.

Ava's  had sea shells and palm trees.  This may confuse the "snow fairies"

Saturday night game night and cuddles-
Closing her eyes, wishing for a Yahtzee

I heart this photo
By Sunday, I was fully on board this lazy day thing.  Although, we woke up to blue skies and sunshine which makes it a little harder to want to just stay inside.  We ventured out to take advantage for a long walk and trip to the park-

And like any weekend around here, there was a lot of good eating.  One night some pasta  with pesto bechamel...

A couple months ago I made a lasagna with this same sauce and it was amazing.  I was not feeling quite as ambitious this time.  I just made the pesto bechamel sauce and used plain homemade noodles.  It wasn't quite the dish the lasagna was, but it was much easier and still really good.  

Friday night date I went with grilled pizza...

Last weekend Matt was watching some show on the Food Network about the countries best pizza places and I have been having a craving ever since.  What is it about pizza?  I swear every time I see it on a movie or show I HAVE to have it within a few days.  In college I used to order a pizza and rent Mystic Pizza just so I could get that crazy pizza craving and be ready for it.  Anyways...grilled pizza with artichoke hearts, olives, mozzarella and slow oven roasted tomatoes managed give me my fix.  

The latter part of today and into this evening has been spent watching the Oscars.  Even though I have only seen one of the nominated movies, I still love me some Oscars.  I like the red carpet, who's wearing what, the lame jokes, sappy acceptance speeches and the performances.  We actually rented Argo last night just so we could watch one of the movies.  By the way, I know I've only seen the one, but I think Argo should totally win.  It was SO good and I think I lost a few years of my life because it was so intense...even knowing the ending I was still on the ede of my seat.  We used to go to a lot of movies, pre-kids.  Now it's Netflix or Redbox for us.  

It was a very nice weekend.  I don't think I even talked to another person besides Matt and the girls.  (Well, maybe a text here or there.)  It's good to have nothing going on.  I need to work on embracing it.  It's okay if we don't have a ton of plans or activities.  It's okay to slow down and as my girls do...simply play quietly.  I will always be the type to have the urge to stay busy, make plans and jump from one thing to the next.  But, I am learning to find the balance.

Hope your weekend was lovely.

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