Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Crap Week.

This week has kinda sucked.  Those of you who read this blog often know I am a glass-half-full type of girl.  I try to write about the good times I enjoy in the day to day of our lives.  However, today I'm feeling glass-half-empty.  In fact it's so empty I can't find any cheer to write about.  I figured you'd all forgive me and allow me to complain a bit.  Instead of doing a list of happies like I usually like to do, I'm going for a list of crap.  But, since the figurative glass I mentioned above I imagine with wine in it I'll be sure to include a silver lining with each gripe.

1.  Sick Kids.  We are in full swing of winter sickness in out community.  Flu, colds, stomach bugs...everyone you talk to has someone sick.  At the girls school they said 15% of the student body was out with some puking bug...that's a lot of kids in a school their size.  Ava's class got another note sent home that there has been a case of freakin lice...second note in the past month.  I swear my head starts itching the minute I see that stupid note and I start picking through the girls hair like a monkey mama.  (We're good luckily)  This week both girls have been under the weather and it sucks.  Neither has been horrible, so I'm thankful for that.  Crappy coughs, stomach aches and a little puke thrown in just for fun.  The kind of sick where you wonder if you should send them to school or not.  The kind where on the days I did send them to school I jumped every time my phone rang anticipating the dreaded call from the school.  I didn't get any of those.  I did keep Ava home one day.  After the poor girl threw up twice last year at school I take her tummy aches more seriously.  I'm over it.  I'm over everyone being cooped up inside because of the cold and sharing all these germs and everyone being sick.  Winter sucks.  Come on Spring...get here so we can open windows, get outside and get healthy.  

Silver lining:  I got to spend a whole day home with my Ava.  This does not happen often. I'm sad she didn't feel well but we had a nice day.  Lots of snuggling, reading books and we even snuck in a little Valentine's craft when she started feeling a little better...
And voila!  Heart garland...

2.  Medical Mysteries.  I know I've mentioned a bit about my sister still not getting well.  After a couple weeks of test after test she met with her neurologist again and they still have no freakin idea what's going on.  Now, I preface this with knowing she is one hundred times more over this than I could ever be, but I am SO over it.  I just want her to be better.  I want my healthy, happy sister back.  I want to tell her she's crazy for doing so much...working, volunteering and chasing kids around.  It has been going on for so long and this not knowing sucks.  As I was driving to visit her last night at the hospital I got pissed off...I'm sick of visiting her in a freakin hospital room.  I want to visit with her at a bar over cocktails where we laugh until our cheeks hurt.  I don't want her to be scared or sick anymore...I want to make it all go away.  She has not shown much anger or frustration with all this to me so this is me being really, really ticked off for her.  

Silver Lining:  The new doctors she is working with are finally listening to her and trying to figure it out.  This is a much better approach than the "wait and see" and "you're just healing" that her previous doctors were trying.  They are taking her seriously and she is hopefully going to head to Seattle for some more tests with specialists who may be able to figure out what the heck is going on.  Being in Seattle will lead to the obvious Grey's Anatomy jokes which are perfect for our Derek Shepherd loving family.  

3.  Worry.  With the sick kids and medical nonsense comes a lot of worry.  I've spent a lot of this week worrying.  Worrying if I should take a kid to school or leave them home.  Worrying as I listen to little Layla hack all night sounding like a seal barking.  Worrying about my sister laying in a hospital bed and waiting for news.  I don't always handle worry well.  It makes me feel scattered.  I try to push the thoughts away, but I can't...they always creep back in.  Trying to meditate at yoga last night was a total joke.  I would tell my mind to relax, deep breaths, clear your thoughts.  Easier said than done.  I wanted to grab my mat and run out of the room.  The minutes dragged on like hours.  Worst yoga class ever.  

Silver Lining:  I didn't know what to do to ease my worries these last couple of days.  Running sometimes helps, but with sick kids that didn't easily work.  Writing sometimes helps, but before today just didn't feel I could express well all my jumbled thoughts.  So, I cooked.  Cooking gives me something to focus on and I know it sounds crazy, but it totally relaxes me.  It's my therapy.  (Which is why it's good that running is my other therapy...the eating and running balance each other out).  I've made bread, spaghetti sauce, quiche, zucchana bread (zucchini/banana's what happen when you have a little of both) and I'm thinking of throwing together some peanut butter brownie bites.  I guess my family benefits from my worry...lots of good homemade yummies. zucchana bread was perfect with a cup of coffee this morning
Okay, that is enough complaining.  Life really is good.  It's just been a crappy week.  It'll get better.

Hope your week is going well.  


  1. Oh no. I am so sorry about your horrible, rotten, no good, very bad week. I love how you found the silver lining in every bad situation. I will pray for your sister tonight. And your little munchkin. It seems like sickness is overwhelming this winter. My son's class has had so many absences as well.

    P.S. As soon as you mentioned lice I started itching. I think that word instantly evokes itching. YUCK!

    1. Thanks for the kind words and prayers for my sis! Your comment led me to your blog and the communal global blog...what a cool site! I will be adding it to my favorites!