Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Really Can't...

I was perusing Pinterest the other day like I occasionally do.  
Okay, fine...daily do.   
I came upon this little inspirational quote...
Taken from this Blog.

Um, perfect right?  Simple, but so true.  No one has ever said "Dang it, I'm just so happy today."  I've been feeling especially happy lately and I am not complaining about it.  I've been feeling this despite the yucky cold winter we've been having. Things feel calm, life is quiet and unhurried and I am totally embracing it.  January can be depressing to a summer lover, but I'm cool with it right now.  Maybe because I know in just a couple short months I'll be laying on a beach in Florida.  It's when we return from there the winter blues will really set in.  Here's what has been making me smile this week.

1.  The arrival of our 2012 Photo Book.

In the middle of 2011 I decided instead of printing photos I would just make a photo book each year.  I have a ton of old photo albums that I treasure.  However, they are bulky somewhat disorganized and take up a lot of space.  I have found doing a digital photo book is the way to go.  It's kinda like scrap booking for the digital age.  Scrap booking was never something I could get into, but this I can do.  This was the first year I did a full year beginning to end and I was like a kid on Christmas morning when it arrived in the mail yesterday.  I put a lot of hours into this...organizing photos, creating pages for each section, adding can be really time consuming.  It can also be frustrating when the site is down.  Or when I realize I've played all summer instead of working on it and then it takes forever to get caught up.  However, when I got it in the mail it was all worth it.  Best memory book ever.  The girls and I spent almost an hour yesterday devouring it from beginning to end.  All 80 pages of our year.
It is worth it.  As soon as I finished the New Year's Eve page and ordered the book I felt such a sense of accomplishment and relief.  Until I realized it was now time to begin our 2013 book.  Sigh.  At least January and February aren't filled with much so it's a bit of a break until March.  Re-living memories and having something for my girls to remember their amazing childhoods is priceless.

2.  The return of yoga to my life.  I have been doing yoga on and off for the past dozen years.  I started taking classes with my older sister and some friends and was totally hooked.  When we moved to Michigan and I found the most amazing yoga center this addiction deepened.  Once we moved back to Bozeman and started having babies I missed out on it for years.  Not that I wouldn't occasionally dabble in it, just nothing serious.  A couple years ago I began to go to classes again.  Every time I go I wonder why I don't do this all the time.  But,time, money and busy lives always seem to get in the way.  It's so much easier to throw on some running shoes and take a quick run than to find a class to work our schedules.  My younger sister and I just signed up for a class and I'm so happy to be committed to it again.  It is different than any yoga I've taken...more of a meditation type yoga than ashtanga or vinyasa classes I normally have done.  I've decided it doesn't matter what type of class it is, yoga is good for the soul.  It settles my mind, helps me focus and feel peaceful.  We did this mediation last night..."Raa Maa Daa Saa, Saa Say So Hung"  It is a meditation for healing yourself and others.  Literal translation is sun, moon, earth, totality of experience, personal sense of identity, infinite vibration. I love the words.  I've always been big into yoga, but not the meditation part.  I look forward to learning more about this.  When you are doing it you are supposed to send healing thoughts to yourself, then others you know, then out into the community and beyond.  Last night I sent a whole bunch of healing to my sister...I wonder if she felt it.  I know it may sound silly to some, but I dig it.  

3.  My sister.  Speaking of my sister, I got to spend the whole afternoon with her yesterday.  It's been a couple weeks since I've hung out with just her because of the holidays and getting back into school stuff.  I went there yesterday to see if she needed help with anything.  Instead of helping her we sat in her kitchen and talked and talked and talked.  One of those days where five hours went by and it felt like I had only been there fifteen minutes.  It felt good.  A day of catching up.

4.  New kitchen addition.  Since we painted the kitchen I had to get rid of a few things that didn't go with the new look.  There was an empty space needing to be filled.  I found this happy little sign tucked away on a clearance shelf...

Enough said.  When Ava read it she told me she didn't understand so we had a little chat.  I asked her if she would rather have a new doll or her sister Layla to play with.  She answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world "Layla"  I asked if she would rather spend a weekend camping with her family or have a new car.  She answered "camping, Silly"  I told her she knew what it meant.  It means family, friends and memories are the best things.  Things like this...

Layla snuggled up with her cousin reading him a book she brought home from her classroom.  You could just see how proud she was to be able to read a book to someone else.  And, he was quite the captive audience.  Yep, those are the best things.  

The week is coming to an end and the weekend is right around the corner.  Another weekend of nothingness awaits us.  Possibilities are wide open.  

One other Pinterest quote I found, I can't resist ending with it...
From Blog "Goodbye until Tomorrow"
I wish you a lovely day.  

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