Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Weekend. (I know, really original title)

I had a bit of a heavy heart this weekend.  My sister went to see a new neurologist Friday to get yet another opinion on her healing brain.  You see, she has not been getting better as quickly as she or any of us think she should be.  Finally tired of hearing "let's just wait and see" she decided to get another opinion.  Unfortunately the "waiting and seeing" hasn't gotten her anywhere and things seem to be exactly the same.  They want to send her to a bigger hospital to try to figure this thing out.  They want to possibly do another surgery to try and find out what the heck is going on.  I am very glad she will be going someplace else, someplace bigger, someplace where maybe they can give her some answers.  However, it is so frustrating and scary for her to be back to the not knowing.  The waiting.  After talking to her and her husband on Friday evening I wasn't quite ready to think about it.  I pushed the thoughts to the back of my head and Matt and I went ahead with our planned date night.  I did well repressing those thoughts for the evening, but the next morning and throughout the weekend, Kori was not far from my mind.  Thinking about her next steps in this battle.  I don't question her fight...she has been amazingly strong through all this.  You don't hear her complain or whine.  She just puts on a happy face, even when she feels like crap.  Even when she feels scared.  She's a rock star.  I just wish she didn't have to be anymore.  

This morning after waking up to fresh snow, Matt suggested we skip out on church and stay inside.  I said we had to go, I had some serious praying to do.  I needed to have a few words with God.  I had a bit of a bone to pick with Him.  I want to know why she is back at the bottom of a mountain, getting ready for another climb when she has already done Everest once or twice this year.  I spent the entire service thinking of my sister.  Even if it didn't make sense, I managed to make the words the pastor was saying relate to her.  I prayed hard.  I felt a little better after.

The weekend was still a very nice one.  It can't all be worry and heavy hearts.  As Kori says "Life has to go on."  Here's a bit of the life going on....

-More cousin time-

Man, these four littles just melt my heart.  I know they aren't really the "littles"  anymore but they always will be to me.  We had a fun afternoon playing in the snow.  They got to play three days in a row...good catch up time since they have been missing it a bit.

-Beautiful spring like afternoons.  Saturday was glorious...sun shining, roll your car window down type day.  A day where I can taste spring even though it is months away.  It's okay, I just need a taste once in awhile.  After spending the morning at my sisters, Matt, the girls and I wandered downtown to do a few things.  We ended grabbing some pizza and I snapped this shot of my favorite sign in the place...

Love it.  (I did tell the girl they can't actually call people sissies.  Especially a certain grandma who buys a lot of frozen pizzas)

-Night skating with friends under a full moon...
Not the best photos, but you can see the beautiful moon peaking through the clouds
Last weekend when we went ice skating, Ava noticed the lights and asked why they were there.  We told her they were for night skating, and that was it...she had to do it.  Saturday night was the perfect night for this.  It was still warm (which didn't make the best ice, but we're not talking Olympics here), the full moon was out and we had the whole place to ourselves with our friends.  It was so fun.
These little ladies are getting good!

"Catching Matt" was the game of the night

Making a train...I like Amy's shadow in this one
-Date at the best restaurant in town...

Ava and Layla love to play restaurant so Matt and I get to "eat" a lot of food.  This time was adorable because I told them we were on a date.  Ava ran and grabbed the candle and flowers.  Girl knows how to create some ambiance.  And, I love their menu.  Yes, I'll have some woofls and riss please.  (That's waffles and rice for those of you who don't read 2nd grade.)  

Today we were reminded that it is still very much winter when we woke up to a blanket of white snow.  My in-laws are in Florida and I got this picture from them this morning...

To which we responded with this one...

What are ya gonna do?  We live in Montana so you make the most of it.  We bundle up, grab our sleds and head to the nearest hill.  (While secretly wishing you were at the beach)

Now, it's the beginning of a fresh week.  It's my birthday week as I like to say (I believe everyone deserves a week, not just one day).  One final week of being 34 and then I will officially be in my mid-thirties.  Not too sure how I feel about that one.  I do know I am not happy about sharing my birthday with Super Bowl Sunday.  (My brother-in-law, however thinks this would be the greatest thing ever.  I told him we can trade...I'll take his summer birthday anytime)  And, if we actually do go to Buffalo Wild Wings for my birthday like Matt keeps joking I will be starting my mid-thirties a single woman.  

Have a happy week and if you are so inclined send some healing thoughts and prayers to Montana.  

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