Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Hump Day Happies...

I really despise the term "hump day", yet felt compelled that it was the perfect title for this post.  It just had a better ring to it than Wednesday Happies, or Middle of the Week Happies...had to be hump day.  I wish I could think of a better term to describe this day in the middle of our week and use it all the time to completely erase the other...hmmm, something to work on.  


We are in the midst of the quiet of January.  All has calmed down after the chaos of the holidays and everything is slow.  I used to really dislike January.  It always felt like a let down after Christmas and spring still too far away.  Now, I really treasure this time of nothingness.  As I've gotten older it seems like time just goes so fast.  I like how January feels slow...a time to regroup, a time of no plans, no holidays.  I find contentment in this calm time.  Because things are quiet right now I have no huge events to write about.  Just a simple list of things that are making me smile this week.

1.  Back to normal routines.  I know I was just complaining about the girls going back to school and how much I enjoyed having them home.  This is still true.  But just wishing I could keep them home forever is not going to change anything so I've happily jumped back into our school routines.  I loved the break and no schedules, but let's be honest...I love routines.  In just a few days we've gotten right back into homework, after school snacks, early bedtimes and I'm cool with it.  Except the making lunches part...that I could do without.
Happy girls after a long day of school
2.  Mid-day run.  Today was a really beautiful day out.  Things were melting everywhere with the temperatures warming things up.  I had about an hour before I needed to pick up the girls and decided to take advantage and go for a run.  There are rumors of a big snow storm coming and temperatures dipping down again so I knew if I wanted a run, now was the time.  It was glorious.  So nice to be able to go for a run without a hat, gloves and two layers of clothes.  The one bad part of this was tripping and almost breaking my neck.  Now, I know what you are thinking...that's just part of running outside in winter-the risk of slipping on the ice.  However, the sidewalk was perfectly dry.  Being my usual graceful self I tripped on my own shoelace.  I was actually thankful for the snow on the side because it broke my fall as I flailed down.  I also am thankful for the cable guys who pretended not to notice as I picked my embarrassed self up and set back to running.  It was still a good run.  Gotta be able to laugh at yourself, right?

3.  Adding a new family picture to our wall of photos.

We use our hallway to display some of our memories.  I really love it.  It makes me smile walking down the hall and seeing smiling faces of all my favorite people back at me.  Today I got a frame for the latest addition.  It's a group shot of all the cousins running through the snow.  It was one that didn't make the cut for the photo for my parents for Christmas, but for some reason I was drawn to it.  They are holding hands, everyone has a silly smile on their face, the sky and snow look perfect and it's just fantastic.  It is now the biggest photo in our collage and rightfully so.  It's the nine cutest kids ever.

4.  Treasures.  I took a hiatus during the holidays from my online Etsy store, Savvy Chic.  I sold out of most of my items right before and when it appeared the Christmas shopping was over, I backed off to enjoy my own family.  Now I want to restock and jump back into it.  Today I found some total beauties and I can't wait to add them to the store.  The only problem with this has been I end up wanting to keep everything I find!  Especially this one...
I just love the green and the gold and it is so adorable on.  Perfect length.  A hidden jem that was tucked in the back of an antique store, that will now find a new home and get the attention it deserves.  Love it.

5.  Grilled Cheese with pickles.  

I recently pinned this idea on Pinterest and it is pure genius.  Yes, I know it sounds a little like something a pregnant woman would eat but they shouldn't get all the fun. Thin slices of dill pickles with a layer of cheese above and below and grilled until melty. So good!  It even tastes good dipped in tomato soup.  (No, I am not pregnant)  Girls loved it also...simple dinner success.

6.  Cheesecake.  This is a last minute addition.  Matt went out tonight for dinner and came home with this for me...

I am a sucker for cheesecake.  Matt is not a fan, so I don't make them very often.  Very nice of him to not only bring me dessert, but to bring one he doesn't even like.  I don't even care that I already had a cookie after dinner, some nights two desserts are just what you gotta do.  Matt said it was a pretty big piece and I could save some of it.  Does he know me at all?  It will be gone in the next five minutes.  If I save it until tomorrow I will have to share with two little girls and some things are too good to share.

With that, I must end because that cheesecake isn't going to eat itself.

Happy Wednesday!  (Still haven't thought of anything better than hump day so just going with Wednesday.  Any ideas???)

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