Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013.

We didn't make it to Midnight.  I usually try to make it a point to stay up to ring in the New Year.  Even if its just me and the rest of the house is asleep, I try to watch the ball drop in NYC on TV, say a little "happy new year" to no one in particular and then drift off to sleep.  Didn't happen last night, I was sound asleep as 2013 came.  I'm okay with that.  I may have missed it, but we sure had fun kissing 2012 good bye.  As we have done the last several years, we celebrated the end of one year and welcomed in the other with friends...

We started at their house for appetizers and drinks and it turned into a dance party...

And, my favorite, a game night...

I got the game Partini a couple years ago and this is the second time I've pulled it out to play.  It is SO fun.  Not a lot of rules, just silly things like humming tunes, miming, molding things out of clay, etc.  We laughed a lot.  The kind where your stomach hurts and tears come down your cheeks.  That kind of laughing with friends is good for the soul. Part way through we moved the party to our house because Matt was having a major allergic reaction to their hamsters.  We finished up and toasted to the New Year at home.  (At 9:30, like I said we didn't make it late)

Bubbly for the adults and some sparkling cider for the kids.  I can't think of a better way to end the year.

We spent the last few days of 2012 doing lots of family things.  Things that called for bundling up for a day on the ice.

And, things that called for throwing on swimsuits and soaking in the hot springs...

We often go to Chico Hot Springs for soaking.  It's been a favorite of mine since I was a kid going there.  It then became a place Matt and I often went to celebrate anniversaries and now is a family favorite for the girls.  However, it is no longer a hidden secret and is always quite busy.  We decided to try a different hot springs this time...more of a off the beaten path type place.  I have to say it reminded me more of the old Chico.  No heated locker rooms, no fancy restaurant, not even real toilets...just outhouses.  This helps weed out a lot of people.  What you end up with is uncrowded warm water, friendly folks and good food.  

It was all around a pretty chilly day except when we were in the hot water.  The heat had gone out on my car about a week ago so the drive there was a little cold.  It's an old Jeep, but not being a person who thinks too much about cars, I never really cared.  I was even dealing with the no heat thing, we just bundled up and the girls brought blankets.  Then this happened...

Matt finally convinced me it was time to get a new freakin car.  I guess it was the grown up thing to do.  When you have a family driving around in an old car with no heat just isn't the same as if you are a single girl in your twenties driving around in an old Geo Storm without AC.  I am just a creature of habit and am not always open to change.  I have to say I am happy I listened to Matt.  I will put it right here in writing for all of the Internet world to see...Matt was right about this.  It's been awhile since I've had a purty and shiny new car.  (And, I already broke it in by spilling a bit of champagne on the seat during the house party switch on New Years Eve)  

The one thing I was most apprehensive about with getting a new car was knowing it meant we would have to sell our little camper.  

Oh, the fun times we have had in the camper.  Lots and lots of memories.  It isn't big, not fancy...just enough for our family of four to venture out into the mountains in.  However, the girls are getting to an age where them sharing the little bed was turning into more of a fighting match.  Time to let it go.  It is now time to get back to our true camping roots and do some tent camping.  We've been a little spoiled, but after buying a new tent today and setting up in the living room, I got super excited about this new adventure.  There are no more diapers, play yards or babies so we can totally tent camp.  The girls are already into it...

They were so excited, they are having a sleepover in it tonight.  The countdown for camping is officially on.  

It's a new year.  I like New Year's.  It always seems like a fresh start for some reason.  Today I tore down Christmas like a woman possessed.  As quickly as I get into the holiday season, I get over it.  I really just left everything up until today for the girls.  I'm more about the build up to the holiday and then on December 27th...game over, done.  Once I started I couldn't stop until every pine needle was vacuumed up.  It felt so good to have everything back to normal.  I love January for all its quiet nothingness.  A time to reflect on the year past and think about things to come.  I'm not huge on resolutions.  I like to think I'm always trying to better myself and I think making resolutions that will be forgotten in a week is just silly.  I do, however, always try to reflect a bit around the new year about things I want to continue to improve on.  I think if you consciously think about it for these few days and if I write a few of them down, I will hold myself more accountable to stick with them.  I found my run today to be the perfect time for this self reflection.  Our treadmill broke a couple weeks ago and what I first thought was the worst thing ever has turned out to be a total blessing.  Instead of buying a new one we have decided to be true Montana runners and run out in the cold.  After a bit of research to make sure I wouldn't freeze my lungs in the 10-degree weather and buying some proper attire I have found it to be the best thing ever.  Running outside is always more therapeutic for me than inside on a treadmill.  You add the crisp air and it ups the ante.  Anyways...back to resolutions.  Here's a few of my thoughts.

Patience.  This mainly involves how I want to be as a mom.  I continue to strive to have patience with my kids.  I sometimes lose it with the girls, end up yelling and then just feeling badly.  I want to work on taking a breath if I think I'm gonna lose it, talk calmly with them and try to be the type of person I want them to one day be.  After all, if we lead by example I want to be the very best version of myself.

Listening.  I want to listen more.  True listening.  Trying to understand where others are coming from instead of trying so hard to be understood.  It's okay if I'm not understood.  I know what I believe to be true and what is important to me.  This does not mean it needs to be the same to anyone else.  By listening more and talking less, I hope to find a calmness instead of getting worked up.  I hope it also helps me to interrupt less...something I know my dear husband will appreciate.  

Letting go of Fear.  I worry a lot.  I worry about everything...my kids, Matt, my family, life, failure.  Sometimes this worry and fear gets in the way of enjoying life.  I am going to try to let it go.  I am going to try to continue to have faith that everything happens for a reason and it will all be okay.  This means letting go of the fear of something happening that is out of my control.   It also means letting go of the fear of failure in my own adventures.  No one ever got anywhere by being scared all the time, so I will be brave.  

Enjoying.  I noticed this resolution was on my list year.  I was re-reading things I had written and came across it.  I said I wanted to take the time to enjoy the little moments each day with my kids and life.  Letting the things that weren't important go and focusing on my girls and family.  Really just enjoying each moment we have.  I think I've done a good job of that this year and I hope to continue with it.  Soaking up the small things...the hugs, the playing, their sweet little voices saying I love you.  Yea, this is my favorite resolution to keep.

I have been truly blessed in 2012.  It has been a roller coaster.  A lot of highs...family vacations, healthy happy and growing girls, lots of love.  There have been some lows...my sister getting sick and some really scary moments.  I like to focus on the good because in the end, we are all in it together and it has only brought everyone closer.  

Here's to a New Year.  It's gonna be a good one.  

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