Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Happies.

I obviously have no problems getting into the holiday spirit, but finally it is starting to look like Christmas around here...

Late afternoon today big flakes started coming down and I smiled.  This mild winter just doesn't feel right this time of year so I welcomed the cool down and the white blanketing our little valley.  There wasn't really enough to shovel this evening, however, after dinner Matt told the girls to bundle up and come outside with him while he cleaned up the snow.  I guess since we've had so little we wanted to take advantage.  There was enough for snow angels...

And making little snow piles to jump in...

All of this led to an evening stroll through the neighborhood.  Checking out holiday lights, catching snowflakes, and in Layla's case, eating snow.
I think the snow looks so crazy in this pic!
And, a few other things on my happy list this week.

1.  Holly-Grams...At the girls school they do a fundraiser for the 5th graders every Christmas.  You buy these little wreaths for friends or teachesr, they put a candy cane on them and they get delivered on Fridays.  The girls each wanted to send some. I had them make a list so we could see how many we needed.  Layla came back with a list of almost every kid in her class.  Ava's list had a couple friends and all her teachers and even the principal.  This makes me smile because it shows how different these two are and I embrace their differences.  Also because I like how they wanted to spread some holiday cheer.  We settled on 7 each and I enjoyed watching them write out messages on each one.  Bonus?  They both wanted to send one to each other.  Awww...sista love

2.  Business Learning...It's been a couple weeks since I opened up Savvy Chic and it has been going well.  Selling things here and there and learning a lot.  Today I had my first return and I couldn't help feeling disappointed.  As the queen of returning and exchanging things I totally get it, but I was still bummed.  I didn't have to be for the end of the night I had my biggest sale order, 3 necklaces!!  Yay!  That means, I need to replenish some inventory.

3.  Hula Hoop Contest...What else do you do on dark winter nights?  We had a full on championship and the girls totally kicked our butts.  However, I did beat Matt in the losers bracket.  It was good for laughs.

4.  Pinterest...I will admit it.  I have a full on addiction to Pinterest.  It is the greatest thing ever.  I found myself twice this week having conversations with someone about something we found on there and proclaiming "What did we do before Pinterest?"  I find it sparks my inspiration and creativity and only positive comes from it.  In some social network outlets you find negativity.  Pinterest is not that, it is a happy place.  Here's a couple finds from this week.
Holiday Countdown Idea for the kiddos...

We made little Santa's and his beard is numbered...each day the girls cut off one section of beard until Christmas Day!!
  And, French Fry-like-potatoes...
They were pretty also!  You can find it on my Pinterest Page
5.  Christmas Cards...Today we got our first Christmas card!!  I have gone back and forth over the years with my thoughts on mailing Christmas cards.  I used to send them out to everyone.  Then a few years ago I decided it was such a waste of money and not the best idea environmentally so I did "green" holiday cards.  This meant taking my holiday photo and just emailing it to my address book.  I liked the idea, but know I missed a lot of family this way.  Then, I got into creating photo holiday cards and they are so fun I ended up doing those for a couple years.  I knew it was kinda wasteful, but I really enjoy receiving holiday cards.  It's a little Christmas joy in your mailbox.  This year, I was planning on doing the photo card but then found the perfect card.  I was at the store and randomly looking at the boxed cards.  One totally caught my eye.  It's very wordy, but I loved it's message.  So, I'm going the old fashion route and will be writing out holiday cheer on these lovely cards.  

6.  Florida...I think I mentioned before we decided to go to Florida again for Spring Break.  Matt's parents will be down there and so we get the opportunity to get some sunshine in March.  Half the vacation we will be with them and half we are going to check out some place else.  We have spent the past two weeks trying to decide where else we wanted to go, checking hotels, etc.  I believe I have looked into every resort, condo and hotel within a 60 mile radius of Naples.  I would find one we like and it would be totally booked. Find another one and then veto it because it was crazy expensive.  Find another one and then read a bad review and hesitate.  I was going to bed at night and dreaming of searching the Internet for hotels.  (I know that's not the worst dreams to have, but they were weird!)  FINALLY, today I called on one we had checked out last night and we got the very last room thanks to a cancellation.  Now, I'm even more excited.  We have a room right on the beach...can't wait.  Next I'll begin checking out restaurants and things to do (Yes, I'm a planner)  However, I think I'll wait until after the holidays.  I only want visions of sugar plums dancing in my head for the next few weeks.

Okay, just one more cuz it's getting late.

6.  Homemade Bread...

During the summer I take a bit of a hiatus from baking bread.  It's just too hot to heat up the oven and we're too busy to invest the hours it takes to knead, rise, punch down, rise again, rest and bake bread.  In the winter, time slows down a bit for us.  We are tucked inside more and if you are going to be inside adding some fresh baked bread smell is the best.  I put fresh rosemary in these baguettes and it was so wonderful.  It was the perfect compliment to our homemade fettucini  alfredo we had for dinner.  Total comfort food. 

This week went by crazy fast.  The weekend brings our annual cookie making party.  Much more to come on that.  Tomorrow night for at home date night we are doing dueling appetizers.  Nothing like a little competition.

Have a Merry Weekend...(I figure I can use words like Merry,  Holly-Jolly, etc for a few more weeks, right?) 

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