Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick, Treat and a Trip down Memory Lane...

When you think of a family-type photo you take every year, most would think of Christmas, Thanksgiving or something like that.  This is when people put on their finest attire, gather their family and capture a moment in time to look back on each year to see how everyone has grown or changed.  We don't do this.  When it comes to family photos, most are caught randomly and Christmas cards are usually me searching for the most recent one where we all have our eyes open.  However, on Halloween we have accidental taken the same photo of the four littles in front of our fireplace every year.  I realized this when I was browsing through some photos and it just made me smile to see them each year.  Because of this discovery I made sure to snap one this year and now it is a photo tradition I hope to continue until they no longer want to dress up and go trick or treating with us.  Here's a look back in all their Halloween glory...



Dang, they are cute.  

Last night was the absolute perfect evening for trick or treating.  The weather was an unheard-of-for-October 60-degrees.  We didn't have to layer the kids up, they could actually just wear their costumes.  I remember one time as a kid dressing as a ballerina.  I had leg warmers and a tutu and was so excited.  Until, I had to completely cover it with snow pants and jacket because it was freezing out.  We didn't have to worry about any of that this year.  Because of the beautiful weather the neighborhood was full of families and kids running around door to door.  Everyone was in such a happy mood.  Kids  because they were getting tons of candy and parents because they weren't freezing as they trailed behind the ghosts and goblins.  We went for hours...and they probably could have went longer.  

I love the whole tradition we have created with Halloween.  Kori and the kids coming over and everyone getting ready together...just to add to their excitement before we actually get to the grand finale of trick or treating.

Kori and I couldn't resist getting in on the fun and she ended up with a hot pink mohawk and I just had random hot pink hair.  (My poor hairdresser today was the one who got to scrub it out...good plan to schedule a cut the day after Halloween)  By the end of the night these kids had some serious candy....

Kim informed everyone the first thing they had to do was make sure there were no drugs in the candy.  Looks like the schools are doing a good job raising awareness of the dangers of candy from strangers.  Then it was time for what we all remember doing as kids...the sorting, trading and begging for just one more piece.  (I gave in once when Layla said I was the best mommy ever...I'm a sucker)  

I love Halloween.

However.  This morning I was over it just as I suspected I would be.  I got the girls off to school and then took down all signs of pumpkins, spiders, witches and bats.  Packed it all away, put it under the house (or Matt did...I don't go down there) and it looks like our home again.  It will stay this way for about a month and then it will look like Christmas elves exploded everywhere.  But first, we get to look forward to Thanksgiving.  One of my favorites, not for the turkey but because it is all about food and family.  No gifts, no major activities...nothing more than just cooking, eating and loving.  

A final farewell to Halloween...

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