Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sick. (With Holiday Cheer Thrown In)

We have had an off week.  A sick week.  Not horrible, but it throws you off a bit.  It started Monday when Layla woke up and said her tummy hurt.  I didn't think much of it as she jumped into getting ready for school and playing.  She mentioned it a couple more times, but said she wanted to go to school.  I may have resisted this and let her stay home, however I hadn't been to work for a week and decided if she thinks she's good, she must be good.  I barely settled into my desk at work when I got the dreaded phone call from the school.  "Layla is here at the office, she just threw up in class"  Bring on the mommy guilt.  If I hadn't pushed her to go so I could go to work the poor thing wouldn't have had to throw up on herself in the middle of class.  This is not the first time this has happened...Ava had a couple of these incidents last year.  What is it about my kids puking at school??  Anyways...I rushed to pick up my sad little baby, who by the way, still didn't want to come home but wanted to go back to class.  I grew up with the wonderful thing of having a stay at home mom.  Something I don't think I fully appreciated until I had my own kids and made the same decision.  (I think the 10 hours/week I work keeps me mainly in the SAHM category with just a bit in the working mom one)  When we were sick as kids, my mom would make us a bed on the couch, let us watch TV and give us 7-up to settle our tummies.  It was pretty great.  So great that I became an expert at being "sick" and missing out on school.  I find that I do the same thing when the girls are sick. When Layla got home, after a quick bath to clean her up, I cozied her up on the couch and turned on the Disney channel.  She spent the day sleeping on and off, watching cartoons, drinking ginger ale and me snuggling with her reading books.  Because she seemed to feel much better it ended up being a really nice day.  I don't ever want my kids to be sick, but it kinda felt like old times...Ava at school and me and Lay just hanging out at home (minus the puke bucket).  By the end of the day she was running around back to her silly self.  Of course on Tuesday morning, a day I don't go to work, I was ready to have her stay home if she had the slightest belly ache.  I think it was to somehow make up for sending her sick the day before.  There were no problems and she was off to school.  Until this morning, that is...

Today Layla woke up and did her usual morning thing, but when it came to get ready to leave for school I got the "I have a tummy ache"  Now, she has been fine since Monday so at this point I was trying to figure out if I was being played.  She looked fine, but what's a mom to do?  Do you believe the stomach bug that was obviously gone suddenly came back?  Do you send them to school and then worry all day that you'll receive a call from the office again?  I didn't know...we headed to the school but she still seemed sad so we kissed Ava goodbye and Layla and I headed home.  Still not sure if she had mastered my art of faking being sick I decided to not make it quite so desirable this time.  I put her straight to bed in her room with a kiss and mentioned that I hoped she felt better soon so she wouldn't miss out on the birthday party she was invited to this weekend.  (Kinda low, but I was testing her)  Not 20 minutes later, Layla emerged from her room and said she felt better and really wanted to go to school.  Hmmmm.   Back into the car we went and had her to school before they even finished calendar.  I still don't know if she really didn't feel well.  I guess if I get a call and she really is sick again, I'll know better next time.  Or not.  

The bug has hit me a little bit this week also.  Again, not just takes you down a notch.  Since we were feeling a little under the weather I thought the best thing to have one evening would be some chicken noodle soup.  However, we don't eat chicken.  What I made instead is what I like to call chickenless noodle soup...

Perfect for a chilly, "crummies in your tummies" (to quote Dr. Seuss) type evening.  I use all the normal veggies that go in chicken noodle soup...carrots, onions, celery, corn,garlic...threw in some fresh herbs...sage and thyme, s&p...put it all in the crock pot with veggie broth and juice from one lemon and let it cook all afternoon.  We topped it with Parmesan cheese and bow tie pasta.  That along with a ginger ale for dinner and I felt much better.  

It wasn't all a sick week...we managed to throw in some holiday type things.  I'm loving this shopping local or Etsy for the holidays.  I like finding such beautiful unique gifts and did some serious cyber Monday shopping on Etsy and am so excited for my purchases.  I also headed downtown one day to do some more browsing and instead of being overwhelmed by Christmas being shoved down your throat at department stores with lights and things and music...I got the simple reminder of Christmas nearing when I looked up to see this...

Our lovely, retro downtown Bozeman decorations!!  Yes, they are slightly cheesy but they have been around my entire life and they just scream Christmas to me and I smiled so big when I saw they had gone up.  (May have freaked out other people walking downtown wondering why this girl was walking with a sh*t-eating grin on her face)  Some people say Bozeman should get new decorations and update, however I hope they never change.  I posted the photo on Facebook and had so many likes from fellow Bozemanites who either still live here or remember them from times they did live here.  I can't wait for the Stroll this weekend when they light them up for the season.  Love it.

We also got our first glimpse of Santa this week.  Now...I'm going back on my trying to stay away from the commercialism of Christmas when I say we went to Macy's to see Santa Claus this week.  However...hear me out.  Every year Macy's sets up a "Mail Box" to the North Pole.  They have paper out to write a list to Santa and drop it in.  Macy's then donates $1 for every letter received to the Make a Wish Foundation.  I can get on board with this because it's for a good cause, the kids still believe and think this magical mailbox is a direct link to Mr. Claus and I peek over their shoulders as they write and get a few gift ideas.
Very serious...her funny list included  seedee's (CD's),  float (flute) and boorbees (Barbies)

We didn't actually stay to sit on Santa's lap.  The girls have never really been into that, and I'm okay with it.  Department store Santa's are kinda creepy in my opinion.  They/I prefer to see him from a distance.  Like when we saw him come into the store and when we'll see him light the decorations downtown this weekend.  Keeps it more magical if you see him from a distance and not up close where you realize the beard is fake and he has bad breath.  

Ava has turned into quite the little elf this year and it is so funny.  She has been frantically making gifts for the whole the point of freaking out a little that she NEEDS to wrap them right now and she has SO many more to make!!!  I tried to calm her down and remind her it is not even December yet and we don't even have a tree to put wrapped gifts under.  I reminded her making gifts is supposed to be fun and she should take her time and stop if she wants.  And...just so you don't think I'm some crazy mom who told her she had to make gifts for her family, I didn't.  She thought this up all on her own.  I also told her she didn't have to make them for everyone...if she just wanted to do a few that was fine also.  She did calm down about it but in most free moments she can be found in her room in a mess of beads, markers and craft making...

She has little cards and tags for each one as well.  She is so very kind and I love her giving spirit.  I love how she thinks of who she is making the gifts for...they are not generic.  How she made my Dad a picture of the two of them at the river in a boat because she knows that's his favorite place.  Or the one for my mom in Hawaii with lots of palm trees.  The best may be the friendship bracelets she made for her and her cousins.  She colored the noodles to use for them in food coloring and each one bracelet has one word on it and when they all have them on together it reads "WE WILL BE BEST FRIENDS FOREVER" sweet.  (Sorry Nic, Jacob doesn't get one...Ava said he's too little so his gift is different!)

Something else very happy this week.  Awhile ago I mentioned the "Holiday Hands" thing I found through this blog.  I had mentioned my sisters story with them and had an amazing response from three total strangers.  I've been receiving some of the things these women have sent for Kori and her family.  On top of that my sister got a check for 600 bucks in the mail from the same group!!!!!  Totally out of the blue!  This is an amazing blog community that I have stumbled up and SO much good has come from it.  I love the philosophy behind this group..."We cannot do great things, we can do small things great"  The small things they have been doing, are better than great, they are totally fantastic.    

Despite the sickness it has been a good week.  And, I feel so fortunate we have made it this far into the school year without any illness.  We have to all get healthy for a very busy weekend.  It's the Nutcracker, the Christmas Stroll and we'll be getting our tree...yay!!!  

Hope your week is finding you health and happy!!

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