Monday, October 22, 2012


This past weekend we took the girls to Yellowstone National Park for the first time.  I have many memories of going there as a kid.  Some are good memories of seeing the wildlife and Old Faithful and some are of being totally bored on family trips.  The latter of course are more from the teen years.  I remember one trip in particular when my family went with some friends for New Years to snowmobile through the park.  In full teenage form I pouted this entire trip because I was missing a friends slumber party.  (I have pictures to prove this fact)  As an adult I see how silly that was...what did I think my parents were going to say, "Oh, Angie's upset...let's take her home so she can make that slumber party"  Yea, that didn't happen.  Now, as a parent I was so excited to take my girls there to see it for the first time because it's just what you do when you have a national park practically in your back yard.  Ava was also excited to see all the geysers (not sure if she knew exactly what that meant).  I think Layla was expecting swings and a slide.  Regardless, Saturday morning we loaded the car, met up with our bestest friends and hit the road to play tourist and see the sites.

I haven't been to the park in years, but it all comes back to you.  I think you appreciate the beauty and science of it so much more when you are older.  It's crazy all the hot pots, geysers and colors. (That's my very scientific description of the sights)

One thing you never forget about Yellowstone is the sulphur smell, that took me right back to childhood trips there.  So funny watching Layla plug her nose saying it smelt like "stinky pinky underpants"  It was chilly there, kinda felt like we stepped into winter.  I was happy I had thrown in hats and gloves.  Luckily the rain seemed to go slow to a drizzle every time we got out to walk around.  And, speaking of lucky we made it to Old Faithful just in time to see it erupt.  It used to erupt more frequently but because of earthquakes it's not quite as reliable.  You can get there and end up having to wait a couple hours before the next one goes off.  We got there just in time to find a place in the crowd, waited about ten minutes and saw the show...

Rare family photo...maybe we got our holiday card!
I was surprised how busy it is there now.  I swear when we were kids we would have the place to ourselves, this day we couldn't even find a bench to sit down to view it.  Crazy. After a quick picnic in the car (they really could use some better restaurants in the park, just sayin), we started to make our way back out.  I was so happy that we took a detour to find the Firehole Falls, that was probably my favorite and not something I remembered seeing before.  It is a beautiful water fall, I just kind of stared at it in awe...

By the afternoon the kids were getting over it, so we said good bye to the park and headed back to West Yellowstone where we would be staying for the evening.  But first, we stopped for refreshments, aka milkshakes, at Eagles...

The park was great, but there was still more fun to be had.  We stayed in a great little condo that had a fantastic pool for the kids, a definite highlight for them.  In fact, when we asked the kids what their favorite part of the park was, all answered Old Faithful, except Layla who replied "swimming".  We put spaghetti sauce on to simmer, threw on suits and took our little fish down to the pool.  I often wonder how long they would stay in the pool if we never made them get out.  That evening and in the morning we spent well over a hour at the pool and still got whines when we gave ten minute warnings before we left.  Back at our room we were met with the delicious smell of dinner and a warm cozy room, thanks to Matt cranking the heat to full blast.  The rest of the evening went a little like this...

PJ's, crafts and movies for the kiddos-

Cooking, drinks and games for the adults-

It was so cozy, all of us tucked in to the condo for the evening in the quaint little town of West.  Lots of laughs, lots of fun.  We woke the next morning to howling wolves, not something you get to hear everyday.  Breakfast, more swimming and then we took our tired selves home.  I think all the kids best summed up the weekend as they all whined when we were leaving that they wished we could stay longer and asking if we could do it again.  Yes, I believe we will have to do it again.  Thank you was an awesome weekend...

Enjoy your week!


  1. Ryleigh and I both loved looking at the pics! Sounds like SUCH a fun weekend! Definitely something you guys will have to do annually.... Ryleigh was very curious to know who all the 'girls and boys' in the pictures were - hopefully we can re-introduce everyone again next summer! :)

    1. would be so great to re-introduce everyone and to meet Daisy :)