Monday, October 1, 2012

Farewell Garden, Hello October.

We have one more day of warm weather before our first cool front of the year hits.  This is so sad to me because it means the end of the garden.  I am by no means a gardener, that's Matt's area of expertise.  I just get to walk out to our green, plentiful garden at any time and have beautiful produce at my disposal.  For all I know it just magically appears. It is Matt who puts his heart and soul into it and we all get to reap the rewards.  With tomorrow night's temps threatening to drop below freezing, we will have to pull the last of the veggies out.  Green tomatoes that just need a few more weeks of warm air and sunshine to get to their potential will now have to ripen inside in a brown paper bag.  What was overflowing with greenery and vibrant colors will now be a pile of dirt and compost until next spring.  It is always a sad day to me.  I know I've said I'm getting used to the idea of summer ending and enjoying the lovely fall we've been having...however,  when it comes to food I'm not.  I'm not ready to trade fresh zucchini everything for chili and casseroles.  I want this...
fresh tomato with balsamic, olive oil, basil

These next few days my fridge will be stuffed with what we pull from the garden and I will eagerly create meals with the last of it.  And then, I will have to go back to buying produce at the grocery store.  Or, start to seriously reconsider where we live.

Anyways.  We could not have had a more beautiful weekend.  The sun was out shining, the air the perfect temperature to be outside and town an array of green, orange, yellow and red.  We know this because on Saturday morning we took a family hike up to the "M" to look down on our little Bozeman and all the changing colors.  

It was probably the last hike up there for the year.  Starting the weekend with a hike is a good way to set a laid back tone for the remainder of it.  Being outdoors in the mountains helps clear the mind, get away from any of the real world stresses and just relax.  That relaxed vibe continued throughout the day and just got better as my sister, Kori and her family came over that evening for dinner.  It has been a long time since we've had them over just because.  Of course we have seen them a ton throughout the summer, but this was different.  It wasn't because they needed help with something or the kids were over because Kori was in the hospital.  It wasn't the entire family together.  It was just them and just because we wanted to hang out.  The kids were, of course excited and played their little hearts out in those few hours they were here.  And we got to visit, catch up, laugh a lot and simply enjoy each others company.  The weather held out so we got to eat out on the deck and end the night with a campfire.  

We didn't have sticks to roast marshmallows because our camper isn't at our house so the kids used a bar-b-q fork.  One at a time, they took their place by the campfire and roasted.  It was like a little goodbye to summer ritual for each of them because each one was very quiet, mesmerized by the fire, while they took their turn.  Oblivious to the noise and playing going on around them.

I wanted to use up the  bag of marshmallows I had so s'mores were on the dessert menu.  However, I was out of graham crackers and chocolate so we improvised.  I think what we came up with is better than a traditional s'more.  I took the chocolate chip peanut butter cookies I had made earlier and we sandwiched the roasted marshmallows between them. Yes, I think we discovered something quite delicious...

The evening ended with a gorgeous peek at the full moon and a game of hide and seek.  Not too bad I must say.

Sunday was our usual soccer games, however this was a bonus day because Ava was playing Dru's team so we got to sit with our besties for the game and cheer them on.  It's still funny to me once in awhile that Amy and I have children that are only 13 days apart. It was crazy seeing these big 7 year olds, running around on the field when I so vividly remember Amy and I sitting on the couch nursing newborns wondering what the heck we were doing.  I was, and still am, so very grateful to be going through this parenthood thing with my best friend.  (And, ironically enough, both our sisters had babies within in months of that time.  Even more to add to the sisterhood of mamahood)  

The day was too beautiful to end there, so after a trip to the coffee shop we took all the kiddos to the park.  I love it when things just work out like that.

Now, it's the first of October and after I get over the end of the garden I will begin to think about Halloween.  Not sure what the costumes will be...Ava goes between a ghost and Mary Poppins and Layla wants to be Mary Poppin's Pig.  I'm pretty sure there was no pig in that entire movie so I have no idea where that is coming from.  Speaking of funny things kids come up with, I had this conversation with Ava Friday night...

Ava:  Mom, what are we having for dinner?  (as she hops up on the counter to watch me cook)
Me:  Pasta, bread and zucchini
Ava:  (eyeing the plates of food that I'm serving up with non homemade pasta suspiciously)  Are you guys having a date night?
Me:  Yep
Ava:  Is that why our dinner is so lame?

Good thing she's so cute...and she was totally right, their dinner usually is lame on date nights.  I end with a final bit of summer that Matt brought home...I sure am going to miss it.

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