Saturday, October 20, 2012

All Things Pinterest

I dabbled into the Pinterest world a few months ago.  I found it fun to explore new ideas, recipes, crafts, design, fashion...and organize it on your very own virtual bulletin board. Kinda takes you back to high school where you would cut things out of magazines that you liked and pin them to an actual bulletin board, collage style.  Now that I have it at my fingertips thanks to my phone, I have become a little more addicted to Pinterest.  I find myself scrolling through when I have a few minutes as I wait to pick up kids from school, tv commercials, etc.  Earlier this week as I was looking through stuff I had pinned I started to wonder what's the point of pinning all these things if you don't actually use them?  I decided to experiment with this and vowed to make only meals from recipes I had found through Pinterest and have the girls do some of the crafts I had pinned and forgotten about.  I believe it was a success.  (Except for the night I had a dream I was just endlessly scrolling down through Pinterest...that made me think I needed to maybe back off a bit.) was my week of Pinterest.  I think I'll do a list because I love me some lists.

1.  Homemade Tomato Soup with Parmesan Croutons...

I still have a massive amount of tomatoes to use so this made the most sense to start our week with.  I made an attempt at tomato soup a couple years ago.  I had found a recipe in one of my fashion magazines and it sounded good.  What we ended up with was about a shot glass size worth of soup each.  (maybe since it was in a fashion magazine it was model food portions?)  Because of this I was a little leery about trying again, but the recipe I found this time did not disappoint.  It was tomato basil, so easy to make and made enough to leave leftovers for a couple days lunches.  Success.

2.  Mac and Cheese Quinoa...
I use quinoa a lot because I think it's a super food.  Also because of our mainly vegetarian diet I like to add protein where I can.  I pinned this one awhile ago and was the most excited to try it.  Ava took one bit and said it was the best mac and cheese she had ever had.  I think I have had better mac, but it was good.  This one will go in the recipe book to make again for sure.

3.  Fall Craft for the kiddos...
I was so glad to find this one on my board of Craft/Kid Ideas just in time for Fall!  The kids didn't have school on Thursday and Friday so what better way to spend a day off than with cousins crafting?  It started as them making these adorable Fall trees using q-tips and paint, and turned into a full on craft afternoon.  It's amazing how creative these kids are.  After trees were down, there were pumpkins being made, abstract art and some things I'm not even sure of.  My sister and I have always done crafts with these kids since they were little  (pudding painting is still one of my favorite memories with them all) and now that they are all older it is that much easier to do with them.  And, so fun to see where it takes them

4.  Maple Whiskey Bacon Cupcakes.
This was obviously not one I pinned, but seeing as it's a PInterest recipe and this is all things Pinterest I thought I should include it.  Earlier this week was Boss Day so my two co-workers had this idea that we should make these for our boss.  One of them had found it on Pinterest.  So, we got together one evening, shared a bottle of black bubbles and made these beauties.  They were a hit.  I am not a whiskey or a bacon fan, but of course had to try a bite.  I never in a million years would think bacon would be good on a dessert (or on anything really) but I have to say it was very good.

5.  Caprese Sandwiches and Melt in Your Mouth Potatoes...
This sandwich was probably my favorite of the week.  How can you not love the lovely combination of fresh tomatoes, mozzarella and basil?  Then top it off with pesto??  Mmmmmmmm, is all I can say.  Not a very date like dinner, yet absolutely the perfect at home date night dinner.  

I enjoyed my week of Pinterest and really like that I actually used so many of the ideas and recipes of things I see and randomly pin.  There are some creative ideas out there and I like the inspiration I get from it.    All the recipes and the craft above you can find on my Pinterest page here.  

Now it's time to wrap it up and hit the road.  We are off to Yellowstone with friends and I can't wait!  Happy Weekend.

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