Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend in Review.

I ask my kids everyday about their school days...if it was good, what they learned, what they did.  Sometimes I get a lot, sometimes I don't get much.  Tonight at dinner, through a funny conversation, I got to find out what Ava learned about in school.  It went something like this:

Ava:  If I had to walk from the "M" (a local trail here) to New York, I would eat grass and bark from trees on the way.

Me:  Why would you be walking there?

Ava:  Cuz I don't have any money

Me:  If I were you, I would get a job, make some money and buy a ticket to fly there and eat pizza instead of grass.

Ava:  Well...I did that but the plane dropped me off in Massachusetts instead.

Me:  Why did the plane drop you off in Massachusetts?

Ava:  Because I was hitting the plane master on the head

Me (assuming "plane master" meant pilot):  Why were you hitting him?

Ava:  Because he was being too loud on the intercom and woke up the grandma next to me from California.  They decided to drop her off on the Oregon coast and she had to walk back home

Me (really starting to wonder where this story was going):  Did you make it to New York?

Ava:  Yes, they took me there and I saw the soldiers who are guarding that piece of paper...what's it called?

Me:  I'm not sure I know what you're talking about

Ava:  You know, the Constitution...we learned about it at school today.

I guess they learned about the Constitution today and apparently Ava is learning some geography as well.

Anywho...I saw this quote that I really like...

"We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospection." ~Anais Nin

I like it because it sums up why I enjoy writing here in this space.  It gives me a chance to re-live what our family has done and by doing that I notice so many things.  Sometimes it makes me realize just how lucky I am and to not take things for granted.  Sometimes it makes me see how things could be done differently or better next time.  Sometimes it just helps me clear my head and get all my thoughts out.  It always helps me to notice the happy in everyday moments and to truly treasure them.  That is what I enjoy the most.  So...on that's our weekend in review...

Matt has been out of town, visiting his family in Michigan, so it has been just us girls.  I remember when the girls were babies it felt so very hard to have Matt gone for even just one night.  We are such a team that when he was gone I noticed it very much.  We still miss him terribly when he is gone, however, now that the kids are older we turn it into something fun.  A full on girls weekend.  A look at just what a girls weekend entails...

To kick things off...yogurt at our new favorite place-

Best place ever because you get to make it just how you want it and they have so many flavors and toppings.  (carmel & chocolate yogurt with Heath bar pieces on top for me...yummy)  Perfect Friday afternoon treat!

Making homemade pizzas for dinner, extra cheesy....

Movie night, complete with popcorn in bed...
Fresh popped, none of that microwave crap
An oldie, but a goodie.  Yes, we still have a VCR for VHS tapes!

It has been good for me to have this weekend with just my girls.  I've been missing them with school starting and our busy lives.  Having some quality time was nice.  However...we are ready for Matt to come's just not the same around here without his energy.

Saturday we got to spend the day with my sister.  It's weird, all summer we saw her and the kids practically every day.  Now school has started and it had been over a week since I saw her.  We had her kids over the weekend before while she was in the hospital, but I hadn't actually seen her.  Even though the kids had spent the entire previous weekend together, they were chomping at the bit to get over their and see Kim and Greg.  All morning, Layla kept asking me...can we go yet?  It was a good day of catching up with Kori while the kiddos played and played.  Bonus?  The next day Kori and her family showed up at the girls soccer games to cheer them on.  I know she probably didn't feel up to it.  And, I know that it may kinda suck for the kids to come watch when they aren't getting play.  I know they probably had other things to get done on a Sunday afternoon.  But, none of that mattered and they came to be part of the cheering section.  It meant a lot to the girls and to me.  Last spring, before Kori got sick we all spent Sundays watching Ava and Greg's games.  I know it's not the same as before, but it sure was nice having them there.
And, the girls played hard as to not disappoint their fans...

Before the soccer games that day we had the first day of Sunday School for the girls for the year.  We don't go to church very much at all in the summer.  It seems like we are camping or at the river or out of town and it just doesn't work.  I like to think the He is ok with that because summer is so short around here.  I didn't grow up going to church and it wasn't until we were pregnant with Ava that we decided we wanted to find a church we would be able to go to as a family.  We looked into a few and finally found one we both really liked.  When we first started going, I felt very intimidated by it...not sure why, I just did.  Having gone for the past 7 years it now feels very comfortable.  It felt good to go back this past Sunday.  Girls back with friends from Sunday school and seeing familiar faces.  It feels warm, welcoming and this Sunday, a little emotional.  Probably because as I settled into my seat for the service and started looking through the program to see what was coming up, I saw Kori's name on the prayer list.  It caught me a little off guard, seeing her name there, knowing the good church goers had been praying for her all summer long.  (while we had been missing church!)  Last May when Kori first got sick and we were all so scared about what was going on I emailed our pastor  to ask for prayers for her.  I took comfort in her immediate response that she would start a prayer chain and so many people would be thinking about Kori.  The pastor checked back occasionally for the first month.  At one point, when things were going so well, I emailed her and told her things were looking up, thanks for the prayers and she could take her off the list.  I was very happy to see they hadn't taken her off.  I found myself getting a little choked up all through the service, looking around and seeing yet again,  a whole lotta goodness in people.

It was a good weekend...both living it once and now living it again in retrospection.  

Happy day!

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