Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy Friday.

The days are so busy now with school, homework and soccer that it's harder to catch little moments.  Quiet moments of play. There is such a small amount of free time in their days anymore.  By the time they get home, have a snack and do homework it is practically dinner time.  By the time dinner is over and they have dessert, it is time to get ready for bed.  The few moments they find to squeeze in some play, together or separate in so precious.  I find that when we have this down time I don't try to organize any sort of activity.  I just let them have their time to do exactly what they want.  For Layla, this particular day, it meant putting together every puzzle she had.

I like this time for certainly cuts down on the fighting they do.  I think when they are apart all day they enjoy their playtime together a lot more.  I really love that neither of them are begging for playdates with their friends...they don't need that because they are each others best friends.  I love it because I know how strong sister bonds are.

I think I am finally getting used to having both girls in school.  I really thought I'd have all this free time.  I only work part time so thought the days I didn't work would be full of leisure time, ladies lunching type things.  (Not really, I knew it would never be like that cuz that's just not me.)  Yesterday was the first day I took the kids to school and on the walk home realized I didn't have any plans or anything that needed to get done.  Instead of being sad about this, I got a little excited.  A whole day in front of me where I could finally catch up on things that I keep putting at the bottom of the to-do list.  I got home, turned up the music, poured a second cup of coffee and tried to decide what to do first.  I didn't even have to worry about getting dinner stuff prepped because I knew my in laws were bringing pizza over for dinner.  However, I can't have a day go by without cooking something so I made some chocolate chip zucchini bread and then some hummus.  Odd combination, but I have a ridiculous amount of zucchini to use and I needed hummus for tonight's Mediterranean nachos.  I caught up on the photo book I've been working on for the year and finally put the hundreds of summer photos into it...phew, that was a lot of work.  I got to really look into and start organizing some ideas I have for some new ventures.  (I'm being vague about details until I get it all totally set)  I didn't have to stop and eat lunch because little kids were hungry at 11.  I got to eat at a more adult lunchtime of 1:30.  I was able to stop in the middle of all of this and make a impromptu run to Target to get something as random as hair dye, just because I was thinking about it  
I finally had enough of the darn grey hairs that keep popping up.  I resist dyeing my hair because I keep hoping it's just a phase that will go away.  I pretend that if I just do these non-permanent hair dyes at home and not actually go to the salon and get it done professionally that it's not really happening.  I'm starting to think I have to admit this isn't a phase.  I guess at 34 I need to start getting used to it.  (My saving grace...I still have less grey than my little sis, sorry Nic)    Anyways...even though I really did have a nice morning, I would have rather spent it with my two little ladies.  I always choose them.

This morning was a very exciting day for both girls because it was their school's annual fun run.  It's a fundraiser the school puts on every fall where the kids raise money by getting pledges to run for thirty minutes.  I think it's a fantastic fundraiser.  It promotes an active life style, they get silly prizes that they are all about and they have so much fun.  We've enjoyed it the past three years with Ava and now got to throw Layla into it.  Both of them ran 31 laps...little rockstars...mama was so proud.

I love being a part of such an amazing school community.  It's been a little up and down with Layla getting into the swing of things, but I so love their school.  As much as I miss them being babies (and I do...sometimes it's a physical ache), I really enjoy this school age thing as well.  Seeing their budding independence and personalities grow beyond what we have taught them.  It's pretty awesome.

Now that I have my new iphone, I have stumbled upon this fun little thing called Instagram.  I kept seeing other people using it and now that I'm a fancy-pants with a smart phone I had to get in on the fun.  Yes, this could get addicting...

This week totally flew by and we now look forward to the weekend.  I have been treasuring these weekends of nothing going on.  I want to get out and enjoy this absolutely beautiful weather we've been having.  Take the girls on a hike and see the changing colors of the leaves and soak up some fall.  I can't wait for date night tonight because I found some black bubbles to try...
LOVE the lable!!

Matt and I got a bonus date night this week.  Last night was open house for parents at the school.  We took advantage of having Grandma and Grandpa with the kids and went out to dinner.  We went to Fresco Cafe, a quaint little Italian place here that is so good.  Bonus?  It was just warm enough that we got to sit on their adorable patio that has twinkling lights and watch the sunset.  Double bonus?  Dairy Queen is within walking distance which meant cappuccino heath blizzard for dessert.  Now, that's a good date night.'s time to go pick up what I expect to be two very tired little girls after a very busy day.  Hope your weekend is wonderful.


  1. That DOES sound like a pretty darn good date night! I have a very serious craving for one of those blizzards now... I always get chocolate heath but I LOVE the idea of some coffee flavor in there!

    1. I tried the cappuccino heath when they had it as a special waaaaay back when we were in high school one time and I have been hooked ever since. Try it next time and you will LOVE it!!