Sunday, August 26, 2012

One Dozen.

Yesterday Matt and I celebrated our 12 year wedding anniversary.  One dozen years that we've been married.  That makes it sound like a LOT.  And, that is not counting the four years we dated before we got married.  We are approaching the point where we have spent more of our lives together than apart. That's a lot of years and I have enjoyed every day of them.  We got married young, right our of college.  The odds were against us having been married so young, but those don't mean anything to us.  We both knew from the very beginning that this was it and we've been enjoying the ride ever since.  There have been ups and downs and lots of adventures and I wouldn't have wanted to experience it with anyone else.  I could go on and on about what an amazing husband, friend and father he is.  Instead I'll just say how lucky I am to be loved by him.  Every year we make a point to really celebrate the day we were married.  Some years it means just dinner out, sometimes it's a weekend away and if it's a big one we'll even take a week away (ten years was a big one and we did it up in wine big one will be fifteen.  Not sure why I think five year increments are big ones).  This year we planned on sticking around town and doing a bit of a "staycation"  Send the girls to Grandma's, take a big hike, go out to a nice dinner and just keep it low key.  We considered cancelling when my sister had to make another trip to the hospital that morning.  However, she told my younger sister to tell me not to freak out and to go out and enjoy our day.  Well...I'm not one to argue with my big sister so I said a little prayer for her and we went about our day.  Knowing that if anything changed with her situation we were close by.  

For our anniversary last year we planned a hike to do Saddle Peak in the Bridgers.  There are five big peaks in the Bridger range and we plan on reaching them all.  Saddle Peak would be our third.  It didn't happen last year because we didn't take the right trail so this year we thought we'd try again...

We underestimated this hike...thinking it would be an easy jaunt up the mountain.  Yea, it was a little more than that.  An hour in we finally could see the peak and I kept thinking...that can't be it, it's got to be closer than that.  Well, it wasn't and as we finally got to the base of the peak I didn't think I'd have it in me to get to the top.  But, we are a good team and with some motivation from Matt we scrambled over some scary rocks as we went straight up to the peak.  (I have a slight fear of heights when we get up this high)  I was ready to give up a couple times and am so thankful Matt didn't let me.  We're a good team...helping the other when one is down and because of that we found ourselves at the peak overlooking Bozeman and the incredible views of the Bridger range that look so different when you are looking down at it than just at it from town.  
After taking in the view we decided to get off the windy mountain top and figure out how we were going to maneuver down all the rocks we had climbed up.  That part is never as easy, but we slowly made our way down and kept commenting on how crazy we were to have climbed up this.  As the mountain got further away and looked more daunting we couldn't believe we made it to the top.  That feeling of accomplishment is probably my favorite part of hiking.  When I can look at the peak that seems so high up and know that I stood on the top of it, it's one of the coolest feelings ever.  

One of my favorite things about Matt and I is that we can be hiking one minute and then go home, spiff up and hit the town the next.  This is just what we did...after refueling with a huge and well deserved lunch, we cleaned up and hopped on the bus to head downtown for the evening.  First stop...the Bozeman Brewing Company for some ice cold beer.

I love the laid back feel of this place.  They have recently redone the inside, so it looks a little different, but the vibe is the same.  Great beer, good music and happy people.  After some sampling we strolled downtown to another of our favorites places...Dave's Sushi.  Here's what I love about this place.  It is nothing fancy.  In all the years we have gone there, the decor has stayed the same, the seating is limited, the waitstaff are so friendly and they all just got done with a day hitting the slopes (which in the winter, probably have)  Even when sushi got trendy, this place didn't.  It's a hole in the wall type place where the food speaks for itself.  The type of place that is worth the long wait that often happens because anyone who has been there becomes a loyal fan that will frequent often.  We got lucky that night because there happened to be a place up at the bar so we took that.  In all our years going there we've never sat up at the bar and it was a cool experience to get to watch them make the sushi and talk to the chefs.  (doesn't hurt that it's a good way to get a couple complimentary pieces just to try)  We hadn't been there all summer and oh, it did not disappoint.  I'm a creature of habit so I had my standby...shrimp noodle bowl and spicy hamachi.  Matt, the more adventurous one had our server bring their favorite and I don't remember what it was but it was good.  I find myself leaving Dave's, just thinking about when we'll be back next time.  The other joy of sushi dinner?  It is light so there is ALWAYS room for dessert.  We headed to Plonk for a glass of wine, flourless chocolate cake and some people watching which that place is always good for.  Even though we had no babies at home to rush home too at this point, we were exhausted from our days activities, so hopped back on the bus and headed home.  It's weird to be at your own house without kiddos and I was sad not to be able to kiss them good night, but I got over that quick when we got to sleep in the next morning.  Our anniversary was over at this point, but we weren't quite done...we decided to take full advantage of kids at grandma's and went back downtown for some breakfast.  (no cooking for me this weekend!)  Nova Cafe it was...a great little place that serves such creative food that just totally works and they strive to use only local ingredients.  Who would think crab cake eggs Benedict would be good?  Or pesto in an omelet?  They just make everything they do work and it was a perfect summer morning sitting outside enjoying their amazing dishes.  It totally hit the spot.

Then it was time to pick up our babies.  Perfect staycation with my hubby.  Here's to a dozen more baby.

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