Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Randomness...

This week was full of typical summer days...parks, slip and sliding, play dates, hiking, etc.  Each day very warm and lots of sunshine.  Then this morning the weather shifted and we adjusted accordingly.  The skies were grey and for the first time it felt cool.  Because I know it is only the beginning of August and there are many more hot summer days to come, I was ok with this.  Instead of slathering on sunscreen and jumping into a day full of outside fun, the girls and I kept our pj's on and settled into a day of nothing at home.  It was perfect.
Speaking of perfect...our raspberry bushes have really flourished this year and what is better then fresh raspberries?  Ava has been picking them everyday and comes in with bowlfuls.  I have been using them in lots of recipes this week as well as all of us just eating them by the handful.  Here's my favorite raspberry recipe...chocolate ice cream, milk and rasberries.

Three such simple ingredients.  I could eat this every night.  Pretty sure my girls could as well.

Ice cream on our porch has become such a tradition this summer.  It will be one that is hard to let go off when it starts to cool off.  I guess we'll have to replace it with hot cocoa in front of the fire.  Luckily that is still months away.  
What is the best way to clean off sticky raspberry milkshakes on a hot evening?  Why running through the sprinklers that were so conveniently on of course!

This was the second time this week the girls ran through sprinklers in their clothes.  On Tuesday we had to make a trip over to Belgrade to pick up some things and it was so very hot.  I realized how close we were to the Splash Park over there and joked we should go run through to cool off.  Ava asked "With our clothes on?"  I said why not?  to which she said "oh, can we, can we, CAN we??"  I couldn't resist that so we looked like the crazy people running through the splash park a few times fully dressed, then right back to the car, stripped off wet clothes (girls, not me!)  and had a nice cool drive home.  

Another raspberry recipe I did this week was shrimp lettuce wraps.  I wanted to incorporate it into a dinner, but had a hard time thinking of what to do.  So many ways to raspberries on chicken or pork, however we don't eat that so I had to get a little more creative.  I pureed the raspberries with some olive oil, fresh basil and rosemary for the sauce.  I then sauteed the shrimp with garlic, onions, olive oil and lemon juice.  I mixed the shrimp with some black olives, garbanzo beans and salt and pepper.  We put those on fresh lettuce from the garden and then drizzled the raspberry sauce on top.  They were very tasty.

On the side there was quinoa tossed with sauteed zucchini and squash.  The rest of our summer will be filled with zucchini.  Once Matt starts bringing it in from the garden, it doesn't stop.  I LOVE it...I just wish we could have a garden year round.  I did not buy one vegetable at the grocery store this week and yet our fridge is stuffed full of them.  It is always a sad day when the garden is done, but that is a whole other post.  (The ones that start to get really sad about summer being over and me pretending to be ok with it...saying things like oh, winter is so cozy and the holidays are coming and crap like that)

One of my favorite moments from this week was taking all the littles hiking.  My little sister and I have been talking about getting the kids hiking and we finally got to.  We grabbed Kori's kids, crammed five kids, two adults, lunches a stroller and a dog into the car and headed up to the mountains.  It was a beautiful best described in photos rather than words...

After the hike we found a nice spot at the trail head by a stream for a picnic lunch.  The fun continued from there...

After all the activity of the week, today was a welcome calm.  We had no plans, no obligations.  Nothing that needed to get done other than watch the gymnastics that I had recorded the night before.  Which we did at the end of the day all snuggled in bed cheering them on.  I love how into it the girls are.  We ended up spending the morning going through the girls clothes to see if we had anything to contribute to a garage sale that my sister is putting together as a benefit for Kori.  I thought we may have a couple of things.  Turns out we had a lot.

It's going to be at the beginning of September at all the proceeds from it will go directly to Hope, Love and Funds for Kori.  There will be more to come on this!

This weekend is Bozeman's Sweet Pea Festival.  It is something that I went to as a kid running around with friends, as a young adult dancing to the evening bands and now as a mom with my own family taking in all the kids activities, music and food.  It's something I so enjoy going to every year.  Tomorrow kicks it off with the kid's run, parade and then on to enjoy watching dancing, live music, checking out the art and running into people you haven't seen forever.  Good times will be had.

That's enough random ramblings...Happy Weekend!

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