Friday, July 20, 2012

End of the Week Happies...

I know "happies" may not be a real word, but it's what I'm going to use to list as things that I've been loving this week.  I can't seem to form a real theme of writing this evening but have the itch to write so here it goes.

1.  Family Hike.  Sunday I was really wanting to get out into my mountains so we loaded up the girls and headed out.  This was a great hike for two was beautiful and the girls loved it and we found the trail to get to Saddle Peak.  Last year on our anniversary we tried to get to Saddle Peak from the other side of the Bridgers with no success.  It's been bugging me ever since because rarely do we not make it to the top when we set out for a hike.  Now that we know a better way to get there we are going to "bag" that peak as true mountaineers or just tourists say.  (I've never said it, but heard other people use it...I just say we got to the top yippee!)  
2.  Afternoon at the park with friends.  An old friend was in town so Amy and I gathered the kiddos and met up with her and her two little boys for an afternoon of children playing and us catching up.  We get to see her about once a year and we just fall right back into rhythm.  The park we were at has a stream so Amy brought some intertubes and we spent a good chunk of the day sending giggling kiddos down the stream.  At first there were a couple tears as everyone tried to figure it out…but it didn't take long and they were all pros.  Next thing you know, 4 hours had passed and we said our good byes.  I left feeling very fulfilled after a day of girl talk and happy little sun-kissed girls

2.  Ice Cream before Dinner!  Once we were home Ava was playing outside and kept insisting that she heard the ice cream truck.  She ran for her piggy bank, grabbed her little sister and we headed out to the front porch to see if it would come down our street.  After patiently waiting for about 15 minutes I told the girls we'd still listen, but it was time to come inside and get dinner going.  Around 10 minutes later, Ava was running back out front again and this time we saw the teal truck slowly making its way down the street.  What an end to such a perfect summer afternoon…ice cream on the front porch before dinner.  I didn't even care when they just picked at their dinner…you only live once right?

3.  The house all to myself.  I need to preface this with how much I love my husband, however….once in awhile I really enjoy having the house All. To. Myself  (Two sleeping girls don't count).  He was only gone for one night so I didn't  have to miss him for long.  I put tired girls to bed early, filled up a big bowl of ice cream (with coffee and one of the to die for sea salt brownies I made the other night), and watched trash TV all by myself.  Now, I do the exact same thing many nights when Matt is here, but once in awhile it feels nice to have it alone.  I usually stay up late and watch one of the Sex and The City movie's for the umpteenth time
4.  A snuggly baby girl in my bed.  Ever since I let Ava sleep with me one night when Matt was gone it is the first thing she asks.  She comes up to me all shy like asking if she can sleep with me.  It's too adorable to resist and I love listening to my first born breath as she sleeps.  At first the selfish part of me wants to say no so I can have the whole bed to myself, but the sentimental part of me kicks the jealous part's butt pretty quick and I realize that these moments that she wants something like this will not last forever and I would be a fool to let them slip by.  Little miss independent Layla has never had this same request.  I have to take what I can get
5.   A New Book!!  I have recently finished the second of the Hunger Games books  so I immediately put the third one on hold at our local library.  I was ready for a long wait because sometimes it can take months to get a popular book there.  Well, it was my lucky day cuz they called me two days later that it was in so now I am totally engrossed in Mockingjay.  I never got into Harry Potter or the Twilight series, but for some reason got totally hooked on Hunger Games
6.  Friday afternoon pool party with the cousins.  Now that my little sis is back I wanted to take full advantage of a beautiful afternoon.  We put up the big pool and both my sisters and kids came over for some fun in the sun.  These kids played in the pool for 5 straight hours, I kid you not!!  When they finally emerged, they were pruny little things.  They splashed so much that at one point we had to refill the was crazy.  They only stopped once for a snack then right back in.  Through all of this we got some sister time which always mean laughter and good times.  
7.  Date Night.  We kinda got jipped on date night last week and with Matt being gone earlier this week, I'm looking forward to catching up.  I wasn't feeling overly creative when trying to decide what to cook for it so I went for reliable pasta with spaghetti sauce.  Really, with homemade pasta you could put any sauce on it and it would be good...
So there you have it.  I was thinking of adding 3 more to make it a nice even 10 things on the list, but I got sauce to make and a glass of wine to enjoy.  
Happy Weekend.

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