Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Changing things up...

A few weeks ago my little blog hit 1,000 views and I was so excited.  I know in blog world, that is not a lot, but to me it seemed significant, people were actually reading and liking what I was writing.  When I first started this I didn't know what to expect.  I just wanted to capture a little part of our happy life and preserve it for the future.  Making memories for my girls that they can look back on.  As I watched the numbers inch up to that 1,000 mark I thought about wanting to re-vamp the blog to what I thought it had grown into.  Then we hit some family drama with my sisters medical scares and all those thoughts left my head.  Now, things are going in the right direction again with her so I started thinking about it more.  I started the blog on a whim one afternoon and didn't think very long about a title.  I thought of things I enjoyed and what I'd like to write about and of course thought of family and food and then threw in fashion and fun cuz I thought I needed a longer title.  Over the past couple of months I feel like it has evolved into what I want it to be and think I need to drop the fashion and fun part.  Fun in our life is just a given (you totally understand this if you've met my husband), it doesn't need to be in the will find it in every post.  Fashion is something I love (I get several fashion magazines monthly and am like a kid on Christmas morning when I see them in my mailbox), however, have found I don't really dig writing about it.  That leaves family and food...two of my passions and two things I feel come through the most in this place.  Therefore...I am changing things up and am officially renaming this blog...This Delicious Life.  I think it life is simple...I don't need a lot to be happy..just my family, some yummy food, warm weather and throw in a good glass of red wine and I'm golden.  These are things I like to write about...the small, everyday moments with my girls and Matt.  So, there you go.  New name, same stuff.  Maybe when I hit 5,000 I'll change things up again.

Onto other things...yesterday we let the butterflies free.

Even though part of this process kinda grossed me out (5 giant caterpillars stuck in a tiny jar) the end result was really cool.  Layla unzipped their home for the past 2 months and we watched and waited for them to figure out that they could fly free...

One by one, they found their way to the top of the net and they were off...
The girls faces were priceless.  Chasing them around the yard while the butterflies actually flew for the first time in a space that wasn't so confined.  One of them even fluttering along the grass slowly and to the girls delight staying still long enough for them to "pet" it.  Ava said is was because they were used to us because we had raised them.  4 of the 5 flew away to live the rest of their short life.  We left one for later to set free when Matt got home because it didn't seem eager to leave.  It still didn't want to later so we told the girls we'd just leave it open and let it leave when it was ready.  Sadly, this one for some reason didn't make it.  I felt surprisingly sad when we checked it later and knew it was never going to fly.  I didn't have the heart for the girls to know this so we let them think it flew away on it's own.  I didn't want them to feel sad that something they had nurtured didn't make it.  They can learn about death when the fish goes.

Yesterday also marked an official start to summer for us...swim lessons for the girls!

When I was a kid every summer was marked with swim lessons at Bogart Pool.  They are some happy memories for me.  I absolutely love being in the water.  It can be a pool, the lake, a river, a swimming hole, the ocean (by far my FAVORITE!)...whatever it is I'm in.  I have passed this love on to my children.  They are little fish and I just wish there were more swimming options here in our small town.  We have a couple outdoor swimming options, just not enough time in the summer to enjoy them as much as we'd like.  Swim lessons are a good way for them to grow their gills and they love them every year just as I did.  I just wish I could get in the water with them, for some reasons the instructors frown on this. So, I just get to sit and watch and take in my little fish.

I still think about one day leaving this cold climate so we can spend every day in the water.  That, or figure out a way to get a swimming pool in our backyard.  One day.

The girls and I got to spend the day with my sister and her kids today.  We had a picnic outside, the kids worked on father's day gifts and I got to enjoy having my sister back home again.  (To stay this time, please)  It is just so wonderful to hear the noise of cousins playing around.  It is very loud and very happy and I love it.  Speaking of cousin time, we got to spend all weekend with them and as a bonus got to use our camper for the first time.  It isn't officially camping when we are at the future home of my parents river house and we are simply parked on the property.  But, we did have a campfire complete with roasted marshmallows so I count it as the first camping trip.  (and we had to back out of our usual first camping trip with the Frasers, so this one had to count.  Hopefully we will make it up this coming weekend!)  The weather was not exactly good for being at the river, so we took the kiddos into town to the carousel and for ice cream.  Fun was had by all.

Ever since the girls were born our summers have always been full of time with my sister and her kids and I look forward to more of the same this summer.  Throw in the added bonus that my little sister and son are coming to town next week and I start to feel like that kid on Christmas morning again.    Things are looking up.

Enjoy your day.

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