Friday, May 11, 2012

Spring Time Friday Things....

I have this love affair with lilacs.  

It begins every year around the middle of May and we usually call it off when the last of the fragrant  purple petals drift away in June.  The smell of them to me is the epitome of summer coming and they make me smile.  I could be having the worst day in the world and I'll get a whiff of a fresh lilac and I get so happy I could literally start skipping.  We have one little lilac bush in our backyard that has had a rough time surviving the last few winters but is holding strong and manages to give a few blooms each year.  Our front has two large lilac bushes that basically cover our front window in purple and are big enough now that when in full bloom you can smell throughout the house if the window is open.  Sigh….I'm like a love sick puppy with that.  I wanted my wedding bouquet to be just lilacs, but we got married in August when they are no longer in season.  I settled for Sweet Peas, which are similar to me, kinda like the lilacs more popular big sister.  Most would prefer a sweet pea over a lilac because who ever heard of buying lilacs at a floral shop?  The Sweet Peas made a beautiful bouquet, however they can't hold a candle to my love of lilacs.  
Moving on from talk of lovely spring things, I move on to not so lovely spring things.  This watching caterpillars turn to butterflies is really freaking me out.  I know it is an amazing metamorphose that these creatures go through, but what began as cute little baby caterpillars quickly grew to kinda creepy full size caterpillars all in a tiny little container, crawling over one another and then eventually moving to the top of the container and forming cocoons.  Now they have shriveled up and they are just barely hanging on there and it is the weirdest thing ever.  My sisters and I used to catch caterpillars when we were kids and put them in a jar with some grass and hope we could see them cocoon and turn into butterflies.  Never happened.  Now, as I am getting that childhood wish it's creeping me out to watch.  I know that in a week I'll probably be writing about how amazing these butterflies are, but for now I'm not too sure about the whole thing.  The girls continue to be fascinated with it and I'm trying to keep my opinions to myself.
This was a good week.  Matt was gone for work stuff for a majority of it and we missed him so, but we always manage to make the time go fast and take advantage of some just girls time.  We eat light, go to bed early (girls do, I tend to sleep less when he's gone) and enjoy getting to talk to Daddy on the computer.  The girls get a kick out of this…kissing the computer screen, making faces, it's pretty funny.  Ava had a musical at her school and that is always fun.  She had a little speaking part and she is so not the child that loves to be the center of attention.  She walks up to the microphone, says her line as fast as possible and then turns around before she's even done to get back to the safety of the bleachers with her classmates.  I get teary eyed every time for what I of course consider an Oscar worthy performance.  She was feeling braver by today when she got to bring our dog, Sadi, in for show and tell.  She was so proud to have her fluffy yellow dog at the front of the class and give her three facts that she thought of for her.  1.  She's very fuzzy.  2.  She's 8 years old.  3.  She can do tricks.  Ava proceeded to show the trick by putting a treat on Sadi's nose and making her wait until she said "ok" to toss it up and catch it in her mouth.  It's Sadi's claim to fame and the class gobbled it up.  Then Ava pranced her around the classroom so her friends could all pet her.  Ava was so proud of her dog and I was proud of my girl.  

Earlier this week I got the opportunity to go out for a beer with Amy.  My sister was having a little party and I decided with it being a school night to leave the girls with Grandma and Grandpa and go with just Amy.  Since neither of us were taking kiddos we decided to go out for a drink before and went to the Rooftop downtown.  It's a totally cheesy cowboy bar, but when the weather gets nice they have a bar on the roof and it is so great to be outside, staring at the mountains with your best friend.  We don't get the chance to hang out just the two of us like we used to as much, so anytime we get the opportunity we take advantage.  It may have only been an hour, but we can cram a lot of girl talk into that time over a Corona. Good times.

Matt got home last night and we are looking forward to having him home for the weekend.  After not cooking much this week and not many plans of cooking this weekend because of Mother's Day and other things going on, I am excited to make a yummy dinner tonight for date night.  We are having Mini-Italian burgers and spinach & cheese croquettes and it is gonna be good.  Recipes will come next time.  The spinach and cheese croquettes are inspired by our favorite restaurant here in town, Over the Tapas.  They are so good there and I make a decent replica of them at home.  Poor girls…they really miss out on date nights, they are having leftovers.  I don't really feel bad, they get all sorts of good food and at this point in their lives have never even eaten at a McDonalds or Burger King.  (I'm either depriving them of an American childhood tradition or saving them from eating that crap…I think the latter and since it's my blog I get to say that.)  Tomorrow Layla has her ballet recital and I am so excited about it.  Layla has not mentioned once that she is nervous and can't wait to dance on the stage again.  Ava always enjoyed doing the dance recitals but was a bundle of nerves before going on stage.  She's more like her mama and Layla is definitely more like Matt in that regard.  I get nervous in front of crowds and was always so scared going on stage, but once there loved it.  Layla won't even think about being nervous and will just go out and dance her little her heart and I'm sure I'll be sitting in the crowd with tears in my eyes.  Sunday will be more soccer games and some Mother's Day celebrating.  The weather promises to be good and the snow of yesterday is long gone.  Matt is home so our family is complete again and we're ready to enjoy the weekend.  I leave you with some pictures of my baby girl.  I've been trying to get better at my photos and using Matt's fancy camera.  (This is very nice of him to trust me with it considering the last camera I broke because it got full of sand and the one before that I dropped in the river)  I was just playing around and got a couple cute shots of little Miss Lay...

Happy Friday!

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