Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day. (A Day Late!)

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  A day to celebrate all the moms out there.  It's taken me a few years to figure out how you are supposed to celebrate this day once you are a mom.  At first I thought it meant taking a day to yourself to relax because of all you do everyday being a mom.  Now I find that all I want to do is have it be a normal day where I get to embrace my littles because they are the reason I am a mom.  That morning I woke up with Ava climbing into bed with me.  I wasn't quite ready to be awake yet so I just laid with her.  She so generously told me I could sleep until 7 and then proceeded to tell me how many minutes I had left every time a minute passed on the clock.  Once Layla was up also, Matt tried to get them to leave so I could sleep more, but I wanted to be with my babies.  All day Matt wanted me to go do something for myself or not let me do anything.  So sweet of him, but I just feel like on this day I want to be with my family and enjoy them.  I did enjoy him cooking breakfast and cleaning up however.  I'll take that any day.  Once it was decided that we'd all just stay cuddled in bed the girls wanted to give me their gifts.  I love this part of this day, seeing what they have made for me.  There is nothing better than seeing the proud look on my girls faces as I open and ooh & aww over the gifts they've put their little hearts into making.  I proudly display their works of art and love their creativity.  I think the sweet gifts I get from them are more than enough, but I'm spoiled in the husband department so I also got a gift certificate for the spa from him.  

After breakfast we all put on our Sunday best and headed to church on a beautiful spring morning.  After that Matt continued to try to get me to go do something, or take me out for lunch but again, I really just wanted to come home, hang out with the family and just do nothing.  We don't have a lot of nothing lately so I wanted to take advantage of just enjoying our own back yard before we had to head out to soccer games in the afternoon.  It was the perfect day for soccer skies, warm air and good company to cheer on the teams.  My nephew is also playing soccer so it becomes a family affair with grandparents, aunt, uncle and cousins all sitting on the sidelines-snacking, laughing and watching the games.

We started our weekend out with a date night on Friday.  We had spinach and cheese croquettes and they were so good.  I roped Matt into helping and he ended up rolling and cooking all 51 balls (yes, he counted)  I think he was a little over it, but was a good sport and they were worth it.
Here's the recipes....
Mini Italian Burgers:
-1/2 lb ground beef (we always use local grass fed beef for best quality)
-2 tbls tomato paste
-1/4 cup fresh grated Parmesan cheese
-2 cloves minced garlic
-2 - 3 tbls fresh cut basil or parsley
1.  Mix all the above and roll in small balls and flatten into patties.  Grill to desired temperature
2.  Take some ciabatta bread and brush with olive oil.  Top with cheese (I use extra sharp white cheddar) and some fresh basil leaves.  When burgers are almost done, broil so cheese melts
3.  Top the burgers with basil/chive  mayo (chop some fresh basil and chives and mix with mayo and a little s&p to taste)
These are so good you don't need ketchup, mustard or any of the usual condiments that go on a burger.  (and, I usually pile my burgers high with all that!)

Saturday Layla had dress rehearsal for her recital that night, so I took her to that and Matt and Ava had a little Daddy date.  They took the bus downtown, did some shopping, ate lunch outside and then headed home.  I was quite jealous to read the text that they were sitting outside having lunch while I was sitting in a dark auditorium waiting for Layla's turn.  Oh, well.  I love that they get that time together and that Matt makes it a priority to do that with each girl.  It is something we both like to do with them and will continue as they get older.  That night was Layla's dance recital and I was such a proud mama.  I know just last week I said there was nothing cuter than a girl in cleats and shin guards…however, I think a little ballerina with her hair all pulled back in a bun is equally adorable...

Layla has this confidence and just rocks it.  Being away from us with all the commotion of backstage doesn't even phase her.  She was all smiles when I dropped her off and so happy when I picked her up.  It was fantastic, she's a natural.

I think Mother's Day is an appropriate time to gush about how much I love being a mom.  I feel so fortunate to have these happy, healthy little girls.  I hear a lot of sad stories about struggles that other families have and feel so blessed for what I've got.  Sometimes I feel like when is the bottom gonna drop out for us, we can't possibly be this lucky.  I try not to let those thoughts linger and just embrace and feel gratitude for what I've got.  When we were kids my sisters and I used to play "house" all the time.  We would have our dolls and pretend kids, and purses with all our stuff in them.  We would use the stairs as our cars to drive kids places and do errands.  If we were playing Barbies, there was always a mommy, daddy and baby and it would be the same thing.  It's like getting to do what I used to play as a kid now in real life and I love it.  I know the time that I have with these girls is short.  If a few years they will begin to need us less and less and will gravitate towards friends and hobbies.  I want to know that when this starts that I took full advantage of the time that they were solely mine.  That I fully embraced their childhoods and gave them my all.  I want to realize everyday how lucky I am to be their mom and get to help shape them into the young women they will become.  I want to know that by doing this, when they do grow from happy little girls, to independent women that I will go from being their mom to being their friend.  That is my biggest hope.  So, when it comes to celebrating a day that is all for mom's, I just want to get to do just that…be a mom and celebrate it.  And, to celebrate my own mom who helped me become the mom that I am.  She was there for us for everything and still is and I'm so fortunate for that.  For all the mom's I know…friends, sisters, mother-in-laws, Grandma's, Aunts…Happy Mother's day.  I have learned from each and every one of you.  

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