Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Butterflies, S'mores and being Hands Free...

Today the butterflies emerged....
And, just as I suspected I went from thinking this was pretty gross, to pretty amazing.  
Now, that they are all out I feel a little bad having them in captivity.  However, if we release them right now they probably won't survive the weather, so we are gonna keep them in for awhile and then let them go when it warms up.  Despite so many of the gross parts of this whole thing I have found it completely fascinating to watch and have totally enjoyed it.  

The weekend was wonderful.  The best part of it was seeing my sister on the mend.  She turned a corner and started to be herself again and that was great to see.  By Sunday, she got to go home to her family and is now working on getting all the way better.  Knowing she was feeling better we started our weekend with some time with our girls.  Saturday morning the sun was shining and at Ava's suggestion we headed for the mountains for our first hike of the year...
Okay, maybe Drinking Horse Trail isn't exactly a mountain, but this time of year there aren't a ton of places to hike that don't still have snow on them.  
I see how much the girls have grown this past year now.  We can now hike without one little girl whining that their legs hurt or want to be carried.  It made me think back to the first time Matt and I decided to take little tiny Ava on a hike, just a couple months after she was born.  She snuggled up on me in the front back and we didn't venture very far, but it still felt good.  Being out in the fresh air, in our mountains, doing something Matt and I both feel so passionate about, and just adding our newest family member to this hobby.  We've spent the last several years going about hiking in various ways, front packs, strollers, back packs, piggy back rides and slowly these little girls have figured it out and found a love for it also.  Ava may wear a dress while she's doing it, but she'll be the first one up the mountain and the last one you will hear complain.  Layla, in the last few years, has had her break downs doing this, but this year was right up with her sister. She even took a couple tumbles on the rocky path and just stood up, wiped the dirt off and kept on going.  That makes me one proud mama...watching my girls with their tiny, yet strong legs running up the trail.
That evening we had Amy and Chad and their kiddos over for drinks, dinner and the hopes of a fire for s'mores.  Oh, we are so lucky to have such awesome friends and that we all have kids together.  They have been our friends forever and I know this friendship would have continued even if we would have had babies at different times, but how lucky are we that Ava and their son were born just 13 days apart?  We've gotten to go through all of this parenthood stuff together and are at a point now when we get together the kids all need us less and we all get to visit over the noise of the four kids just running around playing crazy games.  

Time just flew by and before we knew it we were putting sleepy girls to bed, past their bedtime and all feeling content from a well spent Saturday.

Monday the girls and I got to go pick up my niece Kim after school.  We didn't get Greg also cuz he had soccer practice so it was just girls.  What better treat for three little girls on a Monday than Frosty's.  I spent the rest of the car ride listening to them crack each other up with jokes that didn't even make sense and was more about who could be sillier.  Wendy's must put something in these things.

When I have these three girls together like this I can't help but think of myself and my two sisters.  Sometimes it makes me wish we had one more.  I would take Kim in a minute if my sister would let me, but I have a feeling her and Dave are pretty fond of her as well, so I'll have to settle for moments like this.  

This morning as we were all getting ready for the day I told Matt something I have been thinking about lately.  It went something like this...
Me:  I'm thinking of cutting back on cleaning this summer
Matt:  (talking through a mouth full of spit while brushing his teeth)  Uh, what?
Me:  Yea, I think I should cut back on it, spend more time playing with the girls
Matt:  (very sarcastically)  I'm thinking of cutting back on work
Me:  I'm being serious...I think I clean more than some people.  (at which point I mentioned a few people who I have talked to about this and how they go about their house cleaning)
Matt:  Yeah, but "so and so" (don't want to mention names) works full time
Me:  Excuuuuuuuuuse me?!!?!?!

Not wanting this conversation to actually turn into an argument I tried to explain how I feel like sometimes I worry too much about getting everything done and not enjoying that time with the girls instead.  I have been recently inspired by this idea of going "Hands Free"  It started when I saw someone share this blog on Facebook.  It's about a mom who has decided to step away from all the distraction to focus on enjoying her children and family.  Things like leaving the cell phone at home when heading to the park, not checking email all throughout the day, leaving the piles of laundry in trade for some playing goldfish with your kids.  I have really loved reading it and have been trying to take it to heart and implement it in my day to day.  Not jumping to check my phone as soon as I hear a text come in, especially if it interrupts my kids.  I've been trying to do these things not just with the girls, but with Matt.  Unplugging and taking in the moments without distraction.  The emails and facebook and phone calls can wait.  I'm pretty good at being able to do that, but for some reason have a much harder time leaving things undone around the house.  That is what I meant by cutting back on cleaning.  I know there are some things that need to get done every week, but there is a lot that is just not that important.  Today was the day I started this and this is what I got in return...
Blowing bubbles with Layla and watching her giggle as she tried to catch them.  Chalking on the sidewalk.  Quiet, totally connected moments with my baby girl.  
I think it's gonna be a good summer.  And, I promise Matt...I won't cut back on cooking.

Have a lovely week.

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