Sunday, April 15, 2012


Today my baby girl turned seven...

It seems so crazy to me that seven years have passed since the day my life changed.  It was the day that I became what I was supposed to be...Ava & Layla's mom and it started at 7:47 pm, April 15th 2005.  Yesterday Ava and I were reading through her baby book and I told her the time of day she was born and told her that she wouldn't officially be 7 until that time today.  After the long day we put the girls to bed early, but at 7:46 Ava called me to her room and she whispered "I'm about to turn 7"  I was so surprised she remembered something I had casually mentioned the day before.  I pulled her onto my lap and hugged her tight as we watched the clock turn to 7:47 and I gave her a big squeeze and kiss & told her how special this moment was 7 years ago.  I told her thank you for making me a Mom.

Okay...enough of the mushy stuff.  The birthday weekend kicked off with the sleepover.  I had a very slow start on Saturday...maybe had a little too much fun on Friday night with Amy & Chad.  (Too many dark beers & french fries for dinner...just doesn't work in your thirties!) My wonderful husband let me stay in bed until I could finally drag myself out around 11 and I made it to the kitchen and didn't leave there for the next several hours.  First I made the caramel chocolate cheesecake, which was probably the hardest cheesecake I've made, but soooo worth it!!  Then it was onto the strawberry cupcakes with chocolate butter cream frosting...also so good.  When it comes to baking, I follow others recipes so if you are interested, just let me know and I'll pass them on.  Cooking I am very confident in and can create my own things...not with baking!!

The baking was all done just as Kim & Greg showed up for the sleepover.  We had a pizza dinner, some running around crazy outside playing and then jammied up and settled on the couch for some popcorn and a movie (a horse one of course!)  before all the littles crashed out in their sleeping bags on the living room floor!

The next morning we woke up to whispers and giggles coming from the living room.  Every year we get a balloon and tie one of the girls birthday gifts to it and leave it outside their door for when they wake up.  This year, since they were all in the living room I just set it right beside Ava's sleeping bag...that's what the giggles and whispers were for.  Not sure how this tradition started, but they totally expect it now.  Birthday girl requested chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes.  I didn't have chocolate chips, but I did have leftover Reeses Pieces, so we used those and it worked just as well.  My nephew, Greg helped make the pancakes and this little sweetie thought we should do something extra special for Ava, like put a candle in her pancake and sing to her.  Well...I thought this was a dandy idea, so we made her a special "7" shaped pancake, put a candle in it and sang away!!  (He is the sweetest kid ever!)
Next on the birthday girl's agenda...going to the Dinosaur Park!  We followed behind the four littles running full force to the park and playing like mad.  Their energy astounds me!  We then had to head home so we could get all set up for the party...
Wanted posters for all the kiddos

Lots of cowgirl grub

Guests all wore their country finest

Panning for Gold!

Bobbing for apples

And, of course...presents!!

And, then the party began.  We chowed down, played games, opened gifts and of course had cake.  It was a lovely party with great family...and the sunshine even peeked out for some of it so we could do the  games outside.  (Of course, by the end of the party it was snowing!!)

After the party ended, the house felt quiet for the first time all weekend.  The girls played with all the new presents and I started on Ava's birthday dinner.  I made homemade Alfredo sauce to top of the noodles Ava and I made the other day, herb wheat baguettes that we also had made, along with some sea salt and olive oil for dipping and an artichoke (by far her favorite vegetable).  It was an absolutely lovely end to a wonderful birthday weekend.  I feel like we need another weekend to recover from all the festivities, but it was worth it.  And, now we have a seven year old...crazy.  She's an amazing little girl and we are so very lucky to have her.  One birthday it's onto Layla's in two weeks.  Move over cowgirl, it's princess time!!
One last's one of my favorites from the weekend of the littles....
Ava and Kim CRACK me up in this one!!

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